September 27, 20212 Comments

your own brand of magic

2 minute read

A reminder for me and a reminder for you that crossed my path today: "Artists are not like athletes. We cannot win gold. We cannot beat other creatives. We cannot come first. Sport is objective. Our craft is subjective. Creating to 'be the best' is a waste of energy. Instead, create to connect to the people who need you. Because they're out there. Create in your way, because there is no right way. Take the pressure off and focus on your unique brand of magic." ~ Author unknown to me (but if anyone recognizes it, please let me know).

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Admittedly, I'm feeling quite defeated at the moment (for a lot of reasons actually that perhaps I'll write through soon, some personal, some professional) but until then, I'm going to try to repeat the above quote to myself. As driven as we all are to receive social media affirmation of our work, our thoughts, our ideas, I'm trying to remind myself that I'm not cut out to compete with people that way, especially when it comes to my craft. I hope you can see and come to believe that concept, too.

On Krystal: Angelili Official dress (borrowed) // Vintage Chanel and Dior earrings (been drooling over these lately) // Prabal Gurung matching set // On Samantha: Akris suit // Valentino dress

Photography by Kezi Ban for Hamptons Magazine's Labor Day issue // Art direction by Samantha Angelo

June 22, 20211 Comment

little white dresses (on sale!) for summer

2 minute read

I know sales are a plenty right now and if you're like me, they're quite possibly a bit overwhelming. (Unpopular confession: if I have to hear the phrase Amazon Prime Day one more time, I might chuck my phone out the window.) Ever since last year, perhaps because of the pandemic and largely because of age, I've curtailed my spending when it comes to season over season investments, opting instead to either rent pieces where I can (Rent the Runway is still a favorite in my closet) or snag very specific pieces when they go on sale. I focus less on trends and more on gaps in my wardrobe and thankfully, each year, the gaps get smaller and smaller.

When it comes to summer sales, my cart fills up with white dresses of all sorts. Formal, casual and everything in between. As I was packing up this Tove dress I scooped last summer for our trip to Boston last week, I decided to check and see if it had been restocked for this season. I'm happy to report it is and it's delightfully on sale, to boot, along with a good handful of other white dresses.

Simply add a (safe, possibly spray?) tan to the mix and you're ready for the spoils of summer!


Tove dress (now on sale!) // Sarah Flint sandals (gifted) // Photographed on location in the Boston Public Garden

Allie Provost

May 11, 2021No Comments

9 aapi-owned fashion and home brands

4 minute read

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this month, I wanted to round up a handful of AAPI-owned brands — namely from the fashion and home space — to share with you all today. Some are old favorites of mine and others are new discoveries (I just ordered my first bottle of Brightland olive oil and I cannot wait for it arrive)! Of course, there are many ways (big and small) we can all get involved in the fight against Asian hate — I've shared a list of starting points here in this post, in case you're curious. But today, I wanted to focus on harnessing our spending power to stimulate the AAPI community, the benefits of which directly aid owners, help increase equity and generational wealth and overall, builds solidarity with AAPI people.

Of course, I'd love to hear about your favorite AAPI-owned brands — please leave me a comment below!

1. Parisa Wang: A New York-based, classically designed handbag line, all at accessible price points. You've seen me carry many of their bags over the years, and this new olive green baguette style is a new favorite.

2. Petite Studio: Another New York-based brand, focusing on sustainable and slow fashion principles in designing and tailoring clothes for petite frames. Their summer dresses right now are especially darling!

3. Kinn: Classically modern jewelry pieces — both new and sourced vintage — at an attainable price point. All in-house designed pieces are made using solid gold that's regulated by the Responsible Jewelry Council and sourced from responsible, traceable mining organizations.

4. Dauphinette: I recently discovered this brand on one of my walks home through the West Village. Their flagship store is right off 7th Avenue at Bedford — and their window is full of delightfully whimsical pieces, each one using recycled and byproduct fur, leather, vintage and artisanal components.

5. Wing on Wo: A staple in the heart of Chinatown here in NYC, Wing On Wo is a shop of finely crafted porcelain wonders. Think decorative display plates, table centerpieces, delicate tea sets. Would make for a wonderful wedding present or housewarming gift.

6. Gossamer: Another new discovery for me — Gossamer is a finely curated vintage shop and rental service, specializing in the most beautifully ethereal dresses from the early 20th century to the 70s.

7. Brightland: Since we've been getting more comfortable cooking at home these days, I've noticed I get oddly excited about new pans, new cookbooks and yes, new olive oil, which is where Brightland comes in. Made at a family-run farm in California, their oil is never rotten, over-processed or fraudulent, with no fillers or artificial preservatives. Plus, the bottle is beautiful. Count me in!

8. Lu France: My online cart is already starting to fill up here! All handmade and ethically sourced home decor pieces, the brand works directly with artisans and small businesses around the world (from the Philippines to Montreal) and their selection is positively calming.

9. Bash & Sass: Founded by my dear friend and former Google coworker, Irene Lee, Bash & Sass is a gender neutral brand created for the "little minimalist" age 6 months to 12 years old. If you have a little one in your life, I dare you to browse through her selection and NOT find something you love. Trust me, you'll be hard pressed.

Parisa Wang olive baguette bag (gifted)

Photography around the West Village by yours truly // Product photography via each brand's website

May 3, 20212 Comments

introducing: une femme new york

3 minute read

You all know, I love romanticizing things as much as I can. Trust me, if I can find a way to romanticize something as mundane as a grocery store trip or refilling your gas tank, I will and I often do. So when it comes to building a nighttime wardrobe — a component of our closets that I think is sorely undervalued and overlooked — I've slowly been redefining what that might look like for me, a woman with her head in the clouds at all times. After a year or more that's been dominated by all things comfortable and "quarantine-ready" I for one, realized how much I do yearn for lounge-friendly clothes that feel elevated, elegant and, dare I say, romantic.

Cue Une Femme New York — a female owned brand reimagining and embracing the long lost art of a woman's trousseau. What's a trousseau you ask? A trousseau is a collection of possessions, such as clothing, jewelry, and linens, that a bride assembles to prepare for her wedding day and for marriage.

I discovered Une Femme New York thanks to their dreamy Instagram page — and after DMing/emailing their founder and creative director, T.A. Rudder, I soon realized we're very much kindred spirits who appreciate a bit of whimsy and escapism in everything that we do.

Rudder is trained in both fashion illustration and manufacturing at New York's FIT and takes great care to not only produce pieces that embody stories all their own (each garment is named for a different literary character) but she does so with sustainability top of mind, using organic cotton, upcycled material, and dead stock fabric from luxury fashion houses in New York. I've rounded up a few of my favorite pieces below — but tell me, what's your favorite?


Une Femme NY Juin nightgown (gifted) // Une Femme NY Esther nightgown (borrowed)

Photography of Krystal upstate by yours truly // Lookbook photos via Une Femme NY

March 25, 20216 Comments

the loophole to trench season

2 minute read

Oh, the elusive spring jacket. Light enough to show off a dress underneath. Warm enough to brave an inevitable spring chill. Usually ends up pulling at the heartstrings the most, because it's designed for aesthetic purposes, more so than functionality. It's only true downfall is that it's shelf-life is tragically short-lived. In New York particularly, there's a brief, fleeting window, usually occurring at the end of March through April, sometimes into May, where you'll pull these spring jackets out of the depths of your closet. Wedged between a puffer coat and that one long, sleeveless vest that you wonder why you still have — you'll rescue them for a breath of fresh air, a good steam to let out the winter wrinkles and perhaps an oyster date at Grand Banks, where the chill off the water will give you goosebumps (but the buzz of your chilled Sauvignon Blanc and said spring coat will save the day). 

Where am I going with this? Well, over the years, I've accumulated my fair share of spring jackets, especially while living in San Francisco, a city where it's perma-almost spring, almost winter, one day of summer, year round. And I've learned one very important lesson: you don't need many of them. Trust me. I've made that mistake before. If you disregard leather jackets (because there is no such thing as too many leather jackets), my arsenal really consists of two spring jackets — two trench coats to be exact — one by Burberry and the other by Boden, the former in their Kensington cut, in a traditional "honey" color and the latter a deep navy, perfect for a nautical inspired look.


As for this trench you see here? Ah, well, that's the secret loophole I'm going to let you in on. When it comes to trench dresses — those that can serve double duty as either a dress or a coat depending on your mood and the fickleness of the weather— all bets are off. While I didn't snag this particular A.W.A.K.E. Mode dress to come home with me the other day, I have to say, I think my spring jackets would be quite fond of her, wouldn't you agree? 

I've gathered a few other favorites from theA.W.A.K.E. Mode collection below, now all available at Saks via their specially curated Barneys collection. Any favorites catch your eye?

A.W.A.K.E Mode pleated skirt coat (borrowed) / Sarah Flint heels (gifted) // Vintage Chanel earrings (how darling are these though!?)

Allie Provost

February 23, 20212 Comments

the sisterhood of the traveling gown

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February 8, 20213 Comments

musings on astrology

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January 25, 20213 Comments

the diamond of the season: 6 bridgerton-inspired brands

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December 28, 20202 Comments

one for you, one for me

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November 10, 20203 Comments

dusk in central park

3 minute read 3 minute read A favorite fall outfit featuring Sarah Flint's Perfect Dress Bootie.

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November 2, 20201 Comment

queen elizabeth II and her corgis

3 minute read 3 minute read WWQEIID? (What would Queen Elizabeth II do?)

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October 28, 20204 Comments

outwear favorites from karen millen

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October 20, 20204 Comments

a few good fall suits

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October 19, 20204 Comments

little house on the prairie: dress and boot season

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October 14, 20204 Comments

rent the runway: fall rental list

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October 6, 20204 Comments

introducing: sarah flint’s riding boot

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October 5, 20204 Comments

the mvps: classic fall pieces

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legends of the fall

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fall bucket list

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September 17, 20203 Comments

all the fall feels

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September 2, 20202 Comments

the summer that almost never was

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September 1, 20201 Comment

signed, blake X amazon drop

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August 26, 2020No Comments


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August 24, 20202 Comments

very ralph

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August 12, 20207 Comments

old soul, new york

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July 27, 20203 Comments

vintage at heart

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July 15, 20202 Comments

introducing christopher john rogers

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July 13, 20203 Comments

my 7 summer MVPs

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July 8, 20204 Comments

my net-a-porter sale picks

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July 6, 20202 Comments

introducing imad eduso

4 minute read 4 minute read A new favorite brand based out of Lagos, Nigeria...

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