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OUTFIT DETAILS: Daphne Wilde dress (gifted) // Sarah Flint heels (gifted) // Vintage Chanel bag (similar style here) // Vintage Hermes scarf // J.Crew driving gloves (old, similar style here)

No matter how far my school days are behind me, fall always signifies the start of a new season, a fresh start.

An excuse for even bigger books to curl up with, bouquets of newly sharpened pencils (as Nora Ephron might put it) and, of course, a new bag to tote around the city with all your supplies. I vividly remember picking out my school bags each year, excited by the promise of what they represented — another year of learning, growing and burying my nose in a book.

Fortunately when I asked on Insta Stories the other day, many of you share my same visceral nostalgia when it comes to fall -- so much so, that you shared your own favorite memories and musings when it comes to what excites you about the start of this new season. I wanted to share a handful of my favorite submitted comments in hopes it gives you the same warm hug it gave me when I sat down to read them all. Think of it as your Autumnal ASMR reading list. So without further adieu...

  • The crispness in the air
  • Fuzzy sweaters on the first chilly day
  • Velvet, corduroy and tweed
  • Halloween movie marathons
  • A leather biker jacket
  • Apple cider and hot toddies
  • The first cool rain of the season falling in late October
  • Crisp, cold apples, pumpkins and squash
  • A sharp pair of black riding boots
  • Fried food and corn dogs (from a Texan who looks forward to her state fairs in the fall!)
  • Fall foliage, or as one reader put it "the trees dressing up in beautiful colors"
  • Wearing layers for the first time
  • Shades of maroon, burgundy, gold, burnt orange and amber, cognac and sage
  • All the school supplies
  • The angle the sun takes in the mornings and afternoons -- creates the perfect real life filter

  • The childlike heartache of waving goodbye to my mom from the school bus
  • Those Crayola crayons -- one reader shared this story with me: "I taught Kindergarten for 18 years. I still go to stores in August and smell the crayons. They must be Crayola. I’m not into branding except when it comes to crayons. Their pigments are vibrant. I always felt my students deserved the best crayons. It’s such a simple thing. Spring for the Crayola. Actually, Walmart sells a box of 24 Crayola Crayons for $.50 a box in August. I’d gift them a box for school and a box for home. $1.00 a student. Why wouldn’t you?"
  • The first fall breeze of the season
  • The smell of wood burning
  • New England leaves
  • The first time you step on a leaf and it crunches
  • Hearing the marching band practice at the local high school
  • Sweata weatha!
  • The lull which transcends the streets, giving way to a sort of calm
  • First long sleeve shirt run of the season
  • If you listen carefully, insects "sing" slower on fall evenings
  • Watching Hocus Pocus for the millionth time
  • Changing the bedding over -- switching from light linens and cooler fabrics for heavier, warmer ones
  • Friday night lights from high school football games
  • Arts and crafts and Renaissance fairs
  • Rainy afternoons in a library with a book you don't want to put down
  • Rewatching When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, Mona Lisa Smile, Dead Poet's Society and Practical Magic
  • Summer dresses with cardigans and boots
  • The promise of holiday season around the corner
  • Much loved copies of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Catcher in the Rye
  • Seeing your breath on a chilled morning
  • The book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Wellie rain boots
  • Felt hats
  • The way a neighborhood street looks at dusk just as the street lamps turn on -- leaves strewn across the ground glowing

Photos by Carter Fish