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POV: You're a humble bookstore owner in New York. As much as you love summer, there's something about the crispness of fall in the city that just makes you want to buy school supplies. A backpack! A new bike perhaps? A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils even! You always take the same route to your store, but today's a bit different. You swing by the bodega to pick up the end of the season's fresh sunflowers — they have your card on file so you keep cruising past. Down the avenue you go, to a looming intersection where a large store sign is being installed. "Who calls a bookstore 'Fox' anyway?" you wonder to yourself, peering into their covered windows where there's undoubtedly a chain coffee shop counter being mounted, alongside mass manufactured bookshelves in a very predictable (and boring) oak finish.

You sigh, just as a cab honking nearby startles you out of your thoughts. Now remembering the shipment of L.M. Montgomery books you've been expecting for weeks, you hop back on your bike to beeline to the shop around the corner. Breezing in through the front door, now looking for a vase for your sunflowers, your mind wanders again..."I wonder how L.M. Montgomery would write an email to a man she hardly knows...?"

St. Roche vest and pants (gifted) // Chanel slingbacks // Parisa Wang backpack (gifted) // Monica Rich Kosann locket necklace (gifted)

Photography by Allie Provost