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play it again: volume 17

2 minute read

Raise your hand if you've also been binge watching Stanley Tucci's Searching for Italy on CNN. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I devoured the show. And I mean, we ate up every last, savory detail. What a beautiful, transportive program, made all the more poignant given that we're all home bound these days and can't jet off to Sicily or Capri or Rome (sigh). For the indoctrinated, Tucci (yes, that Tucci who I can't separate from The Devil Wears Prada) explores different regions of Italy, discussing culture, history, art and even some politics along the way all centered around one thing — why, food of course. 

Naturally, Italy is the main character in this series and the cinematography is truly breathtaking — a visual feast for all the senses (confession: I might have started drooling during certain meals), but I think it's Tucci here who really emerges as an unsung hero himself. His wit, his charm, his ease in jumping back and forth between Italian and English and even his ability to broach certain subjects like immigration and refugees — make him my latest celebrity crush. Trust me, when you see him casually strolling down the streets of Rome in his perfectly cuffed linen trousers and unbuttoned, fitted shirt, you'll see what I mean. 

So today, in honor of Tucci, Italy and all things wanderlust, today's playlist was curated with the idea of a big Italian road trip in mind. I hope it makes you twirl and dance around your apartment (or your neighborhood!) the same way it's done for me. Andiamo! (Fair warning though: you might crave copious amounts of Italian food while listening to this.)


For all location, trip and outfit details, please visit my original post about Lake Como here

Photography by Ty Johnson

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play it again: volume 16

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When I was in elementary school, my mom insisted on picking us up from school most days, as opposed to letting us ride the bus home. While part of me, like any kid who feels deprived of "what the other kids are doing" felt like I'd rather be chatting with my friends and swapping leftover cookies we didn't eat at lunch on the bus, there was something undeniably nice about hopping in my mom's car at the end of the day. Like we had the rest of the day to get into trouble. And by getting into trouble, I mean heading over to Barnes and Noble where I might pick out a new book. Or perhaps to her favorite antique store, where I'd help her pick out silver pieces to add to her tea set.

She'd be sitting there, in her Toyota Landcruiser, sunglasses on, blasting her favorite radio station — Magic 95.5. I can still remember the station jingle and I bet if I heard some of the disc jockey voices, I'd be transported straight back, to the backseat with my sister, windows rolled down (the A/C didn't work well in her car), singing along to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Annie Lennox and, of course, the inimitable Tina Turner. Strong front women, with grit, with style, with presence. 

Last night, like some of you perhaps, we watched the Tina Turner documentary on HBO, and I was instantly reminded of these late afternoon drives with my mom. And it made me smile. So this week's playlist is a sweet homage to Tina, of course, and a few of the other leading ladies of that era who, without my 10-year old self realizing it, taught me something about love, heartache, owning your own power and, yes, throwing your hair around wildly while you dance, because why the hell not?


Racil tuxedo suit on loan via Nova Octo (available on sale here) // Sergio Rossi heels // Vintage Dior earrings (similar style here)

Allie Provost

March 24, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 15

2 minute read

Over this past summer, I wrote a post all about romanticizing your life. A means of putting yourself and the details that inspire you on pedestals. A means of seeking out inspiration, no matter where you may be. A means of seeing yourself as the main character in a movie that you really want to see. A character you admire, one you root for. You can read the full post here.

Of course, I chuckled at the fact this past summer, Gen Z latched onto a similar idea — a phrase that aptly goes: "main character energy." And you know what every main character needs? An incredible soundtrack. One that narrates without narrating, cueing the quiet moments of introspection, the depths of melancholy and the swell of elation without uttering a word. 

Oddly enough, just last week, Allie mentioned my other job really should be as a music supervisor for films and TV shows and before she could even finish her sentence, I yelled out, "I know! I would love that!" There's something about the subtlety to a beautiful musical score that conveys so much emotion and feeling for an audience — and I'm endlessly inspired by people who get to tell stories that way.

All of this is to say, this week's playlist is a sampling of some of my favorite (mainly orchestral) musical numbers from beloved movies and shows. I hope it reminds you, in some small way, that your scenes are always the most important ones.

Featuring vintage pearl earrings (similar style here) // Brothers & Sisters scrunchie (gifted) // YSL Libre perfume (gifted)

Photography by yours truly

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play it again: volume 14

< 1 minute

This week's playlist started first with the Black Pumas song "Colors."

And it snowballed from there. I actually went for a long walk around the neighborhood last night with this as my soundtrack and it struck all the right notes for me. Introspective. Feel-good. Quiet at the right moments. Beat on your chest at others. Given how heavy the world feels, especially at this very moment, I wanted to create a playlist that helped clear your mind but also lift your heart. 

Just a heads up: there's a cover of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Los Coast and Gary Clark, Jr. that will most definitely make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. In a good way. Hope you enjoy!

Featuring a vintage Dior saddle bag

Photography by yours truly

March 10, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 13

2 minute read

I’ll let you in on a daydream of mine. Someday, when I’m a little old lady, retired and happily set in my ways, I’ll walk into my garage at a summer home I bought in Tuscany and pick out a classic car to drive for the day. Perhaps it’ll be a 1962 hunter green Mercedes convertible with the most beautiful tan leather interior. Or maybe I’ll opt for something a bit more sporty, a two-seater MG from the 70s — candy apple red. And I’ll drive into town at a speed “too fast for my age” (a comment from locals that will only make me drive faster) and I’ll pick up my groceries for the week. I’ll apply my lipstick in the rear view mirror with the utmost dexterity thanks to years of muscle memory, fasten a silk scarf over my already wind tousled hair and I’ll smile and playfully wink at some of the tourists in town, as they wonder, “Now who could that be?”

Of course, until this day arrives, I’ll happily dream about it every time a classic car catches my eye, which thankfully in New York, happens quite often.

As for this week's playlist? It's very much inspired by this daydream of mine — a collection of swelling, feel-good, roll the windows down, step on the gas and drive kind of songs. And now with temperatures creeping into the mid-60s this week here in New York? Well, all the more reason to daydream about carefree spring days not too far off.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any mood/theme requests for these weekly playlists of mine — please do let me know!

Amur dress (borrowed, similar style here) // Roger Vivier heels (gifted) // Vintage YSL sunglasses (similar style here) // Vintage gloves // Vintage bag (similar style here) // Vintage Chanel earrings

Allie Provost

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play it again: volume 12

2 minute read 2 minute read Leonard Cohen and friends.

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February 24, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 11

2 minute read 2 minute read I don't know about you, but a little disco has been going a long way for me.

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February 17, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 10

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February 10, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 9

2 minute read 2 minute read Write yourself love letters.

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February 3, 20213 Comments

play it again: volume 8

3 minute read 3 minute read May I present, the Marquise of Havenshire.

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January 27, 20212 Comments

play it again: volume 7

2 minute read 2 minute read A playlist perfect for your next wintertime soak. Slightly melancholy, overly romantic and just the right amount of ruminative, ideal for daydreaming. 

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January 20, 2021No Comments

play it again: volume 6

3 minute read 3 minute read A soundtrack for shattering that glass ceiling.

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January 13, 20212 Comments

play it again: volume 5

2 minute read 2 minute read Cue the orchestra -- it's time for tea in the parlor room.

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play it again: volume 4

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play it again: volume 3

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play it again: volume 2

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romanticize your life: a playlist

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August 31, 20202 Comments

an end of summer playlist

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June 17, 20201 Comment

a morning in central park + a playlist

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cue the music: quarantine playlists

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February 13, 20205 Comments

a fall 2020 runway playlist

3 minute read 3 minute read A playlist to make any sidewalk your personal runway.

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June 10, 20196 Comments

a summer magic playlist

3 minute read 3 minute read Van Morrison. Lana Del Rey. Leon Bridges. The gang's all here.

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play it again

2 minute read

Sweater: RACHEL Rachel Roy; Dress: RACHEL Rachel Roy; Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; Bag: Chanel; Sunglasses: Celine; Bracelet: Miansai
Nothing makes me happier than getting extra mileage out of my closet and these recent RACHEL Rachel Roy additions have been on heavy rotation since I got them, as evidenced here and here.
Now if the Mets could just win tonight, I'd be over the moon happy. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend!


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