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I think it's easy to assume a beautiful life needs to be grand. Needs to be impressive. Needs to place you at the top of your game or your industry and needs to garner a social currency that supports its claim to beauty. But what if a beautiful life is much more simple than that? Much more quiet than that? Much more understated than that? Perhaps a beautiful life isn't one we construct carefully for others to admire from the outside, it's the one we build silently in our hearts that doesn't seek approval or praise. Perhaps a beautiful life isn't so much seen, it's felt.

Hope you're all easing back into the swing of things at a pace that makes sense for you. Remember, a little grace for yourself goes a long way! (I'm trying to remind myself of this often.)

Celestino Couture dress (borrowed) // Roger Vivier heels (gifted) // Vintage earrings // Vintage clutch

Photography by Marcus Richardson