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My favorite kind of people? The curious ones. The ones who ask questions. The ones who stop in their tracks to admire how the sky looks. Or perhaps to listen to a musician playing on the street, when others merely pass by. The ones who flip ideas on their heads and marvel at the result. The ones who pursue paths with vivacity. The ones who don't mind not knowing everything, because it means they have so much in front of them to look forward to. The ones who admire the unknown because it reminds them of how deeply gratifying mysteries can be to the human spirit. The ones who find beauty where others refuse to look. The ones who create beauty where others refuse to create.

We snapped these photos at the New York Public Library, one of my favorite places in the city for the sheer volumes of curiosity it holds within its walls, wearing an outfit I put together inspired by two trailblazing, independent and yes, curious women, Katharine Hepburn and Adele (specifically her latest Vogue shoot), in a few new favorite, collegiate-inspired pieces from Brooks Brothers.

Brooks Brothers plaid blazer (gifted) // Brooks Brothers men's shirt (gifted) // Emilia Wickstead pants (gifted) // Vintage earrings // Sarah Flint heels (gifted)

Photography by Marcus Richardson