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play it again: volume 13

2 minute read

I’ll let you in on a daydream of mine. Someday, when I’m a little old lady, retired and happily set in my ways, I’ll walk into my garage at a summer home I bought in Tuscany and pick out a classic car to drive for the day. Perhaps it’ll be a 1962 hunter green Mercedes convertible with the most beautiful tan leather interior. Or maybe I’ll opt for something a bit more sporty, a two-seater MG from the 70s — candy apple red. And I’ll drive into town at a speed “too fast for my age” (a comment from locals that will only make me drive faster) and I’ll pick up my groceries for the week. I’ll apply my lipstick in the rear view mirror with the utmost dexterity thanks to years of muscle memory, fasten a silk scarf over my already wind tousled hair and I’ll smile and playfully wink at some of the tourists in town, as they wonder, “Now who could that be?”

Of course, until this day arrives, I’ll happily dream about it every time a classic car catches my eye, which thankfully in New York, happens quite often.

As for this week's playlist? It's very much inspired by this daydream of mine — a collection of swelling, feel-good, roll the windows down, step on the gas and drive kind of songs. And now with temperatures creeping into the mid-60s this week here in New York? Well, all the more reason to daydream about carefree spring days not too far off.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any mood/theme requests for these weekly playlists of mine — please do let me know!

Amur dress (borrowed, similar style here) // Roger Vivier heels (gifted) // Vintage YSL sunglasses (similar style here) // Vintage gloves // Vintage bag (similar style here) // Vintage Chanel earrings

Allie Provost

March 5, 2021No Comments

friday favorites: the one for meghan markle

2 minute read 2 minute read Anyone else tuning in for the Oprah interview this Sunday?

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March 3, 2021No Comments

play it again: volume 12

2 minute read 2 minute read Leonard Cohen and friends.

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February 26, 20212 Comments

friday favorites: the one for martha stewart

3 minute read 3 minute read Heels up! It's Friday!

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February 24, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 11

2 minute read 2 minute read I don't know about you, but a little disco has been going a long way for me.

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February 22, 20212 Comments

a case for time traveling

3 minute read 3 minute read Have you been bitten by the period drama bug?

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February 19, 2021No Comments

friday favorites: the one for texas

4 minute read 4 minute read The one for Texas.

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February 17, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 10

< 1 minute < 1 minute Something to listen to, if your heart is feeling heavy.

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February 12, 20213 Comments

friday favorites: the one for britney spears

3 minute read 3 minute read Your weekly internet cocktail. Cheers, friends!

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February 10, 20211 Comment

play it again: volume 9

2 minute read 2 minute read Write yourself love letters.

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February 9, 2021No Comments

12 more social justice accounts to follow

2 minute read 2 minute read Educators and activists to put on your radar.

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February 5, 20212 Comments

friday favorites: the one for michaela coel

5 minute read 5 minute read "Narnia on the other side of the C train doors."

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February 3, 20213 Comments

play it again: volume 8

3 minute read 3 minute read May I present, the Marquise of Havenshire.

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January 29, 20213 Comments

friday favorites: the one for cicely tyson

4 minute read 4 minute read "I think when you begin to think of yourself as having achieved something, then there's nothing left for you to work towards. I want to believe that there is a mountain so high that I will spend my entire life striving to reach the top of it." ~ Cicely Tyson

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January 27, 20212 Comments

play it again: volume 7

2 minute read 2 minute read A playlist perfect for your next wintertime soak. Slightly melancholy, overly romantic and just the right amount of ruminative, ideal for daydreaming. 

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January 22, 20215 Comments

33 IG accounts that use their platforms for social good

4 minute read 4 minute read "We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace..."

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January 20, 2021No Comments

play it again: volume 6

3 minute read 3 minute read A soundtrack for shattering that glass ceiling.

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January 19, 2021No Comments

mlk day: a few thoughts

2 minute read 2 minute read Honoring the man, the legacy and his call to action for us all.

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January 15, 20212 Comments

friday favorites: the one for nancy pelosi

4 minute read 4 minute read The official impeachment suit, two movies we're watching this weekend and a Langston Hughes poem you should read today.

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January 13, 20211 Comment

fran lebowitz appreciation post

4 minute read 4 minute read “Sarcasm: what they have in New York instead of jacuzzis.”

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January 13, 20212 Comments

play it again: volume 5

2 minute read 2 minute read Cue the orchestra -- it's time for tea in the parlor room.

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January 10, 20212 Comments

january 6, 2021: my thoughts

4 minute read 4 minute read I wish we could say we didn't see this coming. But we saw this coming.

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January 6, 20213 Comments

when harry met sally

2 minute read 2 minute read Ephron, Ryan, Crystal -- and a love letter to my favorite city.

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December 18, 20203 Comments

friday favorites: the one for joyscrolling

3 minute read

OUTFIT DETAILS: Paco Rabbane dress (similar style here) // Clive Christian perfume 

Earlier this summer, I was introduced to Clive Christian — a brand with deeply rooted British heritage, with none other than Queen Victoria herself as perhaps their first true ambassador (her crown-likeness sits atop each bottle, in fact!).

Their scents — drawing from the ethereally light and floral to the heady and rich, have quickly become some of my favorites; delicious notes that have undeniably punctuated a strange, and at times, blurry year. But that's the thing about memories, isn't it? We spend so much effort romanticizing the good times — crystalizing them in our minds — that we forget the harder ones can be just as pivotal, just as sweet, just as worthy of remembrance. A reminder of what we overcame and how we forged ahead.

A few weeks ago, their team sent me their latest fragrance — Crab Apple Blossom — and I was immediately taken by the blend. Top notes infused with marine bergamot, bitter yuzu, lemon tree and citruswood, balanced with softer, quieter heart notes of neroli and water lily, grounded with just a touch of sandalwood and moss. It's an elusive mix of opposites that I think serves as a fitting ending tribute to this whirlwind of a year. A blend that balances extremes in a beautiful way — the whimsical with the grounded. The bitter with the sweet. The ingénue with the femme fatale. The out of focus with sharp clarity. Take the crab apple itself for instance, arguably one of the most sour apple types around and rarely eaten straight off the tree — but when prepared the right way and paired lovingly with the right ingredients, its counterparts? It sings. Oh, it sings.

ONE // Joyscrolling vs. Doomscrolling

Did you know, the average person scrolls through 74 feet of bad news each day? So now, Iceland is helping you scroll through the same distance of positivity and it's positively, well, postive!

TWO // The dangers of toxic positivity

Anddddd on the flip side, when too much positivity becomes a negative thing -- I found this article to be quite interesting. Here's a succinct pull quote:

"When people use or demand positive emotions or optimism in a way that causes people to feel oppressed or disregarded, that's toxic positivity,” Stephanie Preston, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Michigan explains. “It ranges from people actively trying to maintain their own spirits or sticking their heads in the sand, to forcefully preventing others from voicing uncomfortable concerns.” No matter how well meaning, such blind positivity can feel “repressive or invalidating to others,” Preston adds.

THREE // 5 ways to help New York City restaurants this winter

Let's not kid ourselves, this winter is going to be hard, especially for small businesses and restaurants in New York. I found this list to be quite easily actionable -- please pass it on!

FOUR // Paloma Elsesser on the cover of Vogue

I met Paloma once at a party here in New York right after seeing her in Leon Bridges' music video for "Bad, Bad News" and I fan girled, HARD. Such a delight seeing her on the cover of Vogue, where she belongs!

FIVE // Meet Rep. Deb Haaland, Biden's pick for Secretary of the Interior

If confirmed by the Senate, Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico, would be the country's first Native American Cabinet secretary. Read more about here!

SIX // What the vaccine's side effects feel like

The COVID-19 vaccine will make some people feel sick. But they’re not actually sick—that’s the immune system doing its job.

SEVEN // The stories that got us through 2020

Wha a year! I found this roundup to be quite on the nose when it comes to making sense of the strange time warp that was 2020.

EIGHT // 3 things making me smile

Luke Millington-Drake -- i.e. the Keira Knightly guy. Man, 2020 is certainly the year of great impressions, isn't it? // Loved this nighttime photo series from Grece -- definitely felt inspired to try something similar with my photos here. // Looking forward to watching the new film "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" this weekend -- the set and costume design look divine and it's also Chadwick Boseman's final role.

Photos by Allie Provost

December 18, 2020No Comments

play it again: volume 4

2 minute read 2 minute read Simon & Garfunkel, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis and more.

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December 17, 20203 Comments

documentaries to watch next

6 minute read 6 minute read Some of my favorite documentaries as of late...31 to be exact to add to your list!

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December 11, 20202 Comments

friday favorites: the one for clover delicatessen

3 minute read 3 minute read "If you live in New York long enough — and it doesn’t have to be very long — it gradually becomes unrecognizable. And maybe, you begin to realize, it’s for someone else entirely, someone new or from somewhere else, someone perhaps with more money, more energy: someone circumstantially or possibly constitutionally ignorant of what you took to be authentic about this place when it felt like it was yours. (Nothing makes you feel old like listening to someone talk about what you know to be an upstart as iconic.) It’s too big a city to live in all of it, so you find your corners, your go-tos. Sometimes they are long-running, but mostly they come and they go. It’s part of the Darwinian, self-alienating thrill of the place: More often than not, you outlive your landmarks."

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December 9, 20207 Comments

play it again: volume 3

2 minute read 2 minute read All your favorite holiday songs in one master playlist + sharing all my favorite green dresses, perfect for the season.

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December 4, 20203 Comments

friday favorites: the one for the chrysler building

2 minute read 2 minute read Operation Santa, The Prince of Quarantine Comedy, The Nutcracker and more...

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December 3, 20202 Comments

play it again: volume 2

2 minute read 2 minute read Spotify wrapped up the 72 months of 2020. Here's what I learned..

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