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The other week, I shared over 30 Instagram accounts that use their platforms for social good. 

If you missed it, you can find the original post here -- it's a mix of educators, activists, independent journalists and fellow content creators -- and from the sounds of things, you all loved it! To be honest, it's a question I get a lot in my DMs, especially in light of everything that happened this past year. It seems like many of you, unsurprisingly, are hungry for accounts that keep you informed, give you new perspective or if they are lifestyle content creators, they provide a content balance that feels intentional, thoughtful and mindful of the current social climate. Not only did you love the last last, but you sent in so many fabulous accounts as new follow recommendations!

Today's list, unlike last time, will mainly only focus on educators and activists, but as always, I'd love any and all recommendations you may have! I'm always looking for new faces and perspectives to follow.


Photos by Lydia Hudgens taken back in 2019