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You know what's a waste of time?

Lots of things. For starters, insecurity. Huge waste of time. I can't tell you how much of my 20s I'd love refunded back for that grievance alone. Next, I'd say worrying about what other people think. Followed by counting calories. And counting likes. And counting followers. Or counting anything really other than the close friendships you can call your own. And in no particular order we have: Gossip. Waiting for permission. Waiting for someone to call. Waiting for someone to text. Waiting for life to happen. Waiting for other people for your life to happen. Waiting for approval. Giving your all to someone who only takes. Avoiding who you are. Spending time with people who don't feed your soul. Taking advice from people you don't admire. Settling. Unfruitful arguments with people refusing to acknowledge or change. Overthinking. Unreciprocated friendships. Trying to make yourself smaller to appease other people. Holding grudges. Holding onto anger. Worrying about things you can't control. Looking back more than ahead. Taking things too personally. Feeling ungrateful. Watching "the moment" pass you by. Second guessing yourself. Doubting yourself. Not listening to yourself. Comparing yourself. Excessive scrolling. Toxic relationships. Small talk. Negative self-talk. Perfection. Living your life on someone else's timeline. Not asking for more money when you deserve it. Not celebrating your accomplishments. Not telling someone how you really feel. Playing games with people. Gambling with your money. Bad books. Trash TV. Tabloids. Fleeting trends. Folding fitted sheets. Not taking chances on your own dreams. Wishing your life away.

Now tell me, what's a waste of time in your eyes?

ONE // The Vogue Attorney

I know I've talked about Natasha before on my channels but if you're not already following her, I urge you to rectify that now! She's a complete joy to follow -- style and substance in spades!

TWO // 32 of the most beautiful words in the English language 

Entirely eloquent, and yet utterly ineffable. Swoon.

THREE // Go ahead and fail

Perfectionism can make you miserable. Here’s how you can muster the courage to mess up.

FOUR // Martha Stewart is the original influencer

The DIY trailblazer remains as relevant as ever thanks to her relentless reinvention, shrewd branding, and the occasional thirst trap.

FIVE // Aurora James on the future of the 15 percent pledge 

A great read on mindful spending power -- who and what we support with our dollars makes a difference. Here's an excerpt from Brother Vellies and 15 Percent Pledge founder herself:

“To some degree, I was a little concerned that people were going to breathe a sigh of relief so deep it put them in a passive place,” James said on a phone call from Los Angeles. “Now that we have this opportunity for change, we have to continue to think about the bigger picture—what it means to create economic equality for Black people in this country and the mass participation that that requires.”

SIX // Career advice for those in their 20s (and beyond)

Loved this post from Jenn -- and completely co-sign her advice that I wish I had known earlier in my 20s!

SEVEN // Nose -- a new documentary about Dior's master perfumer 

Next up on our documentary list.

EIGHT // 3 things making me smile

Earlier this week I snagged tickets to the new immersive van Gogh exhibit coming to New York in June. // So proud of my dear friend Hitha Palepu for launching her limited-time capsule collection of jewelry with The Accessory Junkie! I just snagged the Imelda earrings! The collection is live through the end of the day, so hurry! // Advice my parents gave me versus advice I will give my kids -- read this. It will make you laugh.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Oscar de la Renta shoes (from years ago but isn't this pair divine?!)

Photos by Allie Provost