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OUTFIT DETAILS: Carolina Herrera top and pants (borrowed) // Jo Malone London's Scarlet Poppy fragrance (gifted) // Jennifer Behr earrings (gifted)



My two cents?

Write yourself love letters. Often. And with regularity. When you're feeling good about yourself. And when you're feeling low. They don't have to be long or drawn out. They don't even have to be overly sentimental. Or they can drip with sentimentality. It's up to you.

My other two cents is as follows: Buy yourself that gift. Enjoy an indulgent afternoon doing whatever you like. Pick out flowers just because. Wear something special even if no one else sees it. And don't forget a special fragrance, either. Dance with yourself. Play your favorite record loudly. Order in. Pour a glass of something bubbly. Swipe on some red lipstick. Watch the movies that make you feel good. Take yourself out on solo dates. Give yourself compliments. Genuine compliments. And don't deflect them. Revel in your own company. Laugh at your own jokes. Wear that lingerie. Or not. Do your hair. Or not. Treat yourself to an afternoon matinee. Fall in love with yourself.

But above all, I really mean it when I say -- write yourself love letters. An older, future you will certainly thank you for it when they start reading through them on an idle Tuesday, in a not so distant future.

Featuring Jo Malone London's latest fragrance launch Scarlet Poppy, which coincidentally enough, smells just like a love letter in a bottle -- alluring, mysterious and warm. And speaking of love letters, this week's playlist is very much a sentimental one -- the romantic in me got a bit carried away for you Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy!


Photos by me