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I often joke that someday, in a future chapter of my life when I'm living in the countryside of Tuscany, I'll have a prop shed at my villa, where I'll keep all sorts of vintage treasures, for entertaining and production purposes alike. Trinkets and baubles. Obscure pieces of furniture and books and postcards from yesteryear. Equal parts antique shop and photoshoot studio, a world of my own making. Of course, today, my storage solutions are vastly limited living in a 2 bedroom apartment in the West Village, but that certainly doesn't stop me from scooping up small pieces here and there on Etsy. I recently picked up this vintage rotary phone and judging by the response from you guys via DM, I thought you might like to see what else has caught my eye on the internet's biggest treasure trove. If you love vintage tchotchkes (especially those that double as a great photoshoot props), then this extremely niche post is for you!

Photography of stylized phone photos by yours truly // Product photos via Etsy