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I bought this dress awhile ago from Saks Off Fifth, but it hasn't graced this blog yet due to a general lacking of an occasion to wear it. Don't get me wrong, grocery shopping in this could warrant some good laughs (from you and your fellow aisle fivers) but unfortunately, it's quite hard to set up a tripod on freshly mopped  linoleum floors. Yes, I've tried.

Sooo...as you can guess, I found an occasion to wear this, an evening involving the following: wine, fondue and a good friend who just got back into the country after a year of traveling. Only a few minor causalities (cheese on my dress, wine on my friend's shirt), but all in all, a lovely evening out.

In other news, darlings, I suppose I should play a little catch up from earlier this week when the oh so adorably stylish Lauren from This Little Piggie awarded me with my very first blog award: The Kreativ Blogger Award:

The name of the game, ladies and gents, is that I now list seven things about myself that will tickle your curiosity about me. So here goes nothing, because I'm pretty sure you all stopped reading by now:

1.) My goal is to someday work for a major fashion publication (Anna, listen up) writing fashion editorials and human interest pieces about the men and women that make up the industry.
2.) I love pesto on everything, which usually means I have green stuck in my teeth after meals.
3.) Because of the above comment, I always carry floss in my purse, just in case.
4.) I have a slight OCD problem, mainly with making sure doors are locked. I'll check about five times, just to make sure. Drives my boyfriend crazy.
5.) My soft spots include, but are not limited to: a good Cabernet, Dave Eggers and all of Andrew Bird's music.
6.) I want to live in New York City.
7.) I'm pretty much the queen at Scrabble.

Whew, promise this is almost over. Now, here are seven fashionably traffic-stopping bloggers I would like to nominate (ahem):

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That does it for me, folks. I've rambled enough. Now it's back to this Jill and Kevin choreographed wedding entrance video. I'm strangely addicted to watching it. Puts me in a good mood. I know, I'm a sap.

Dress: Electric blue aryn K dress, Saks Off Fifth
Shoes: Leather gladiator heels, Steve Madden
Jewelry: Gem embellished bib necklace, Charlotte-Russe
Purse: Black chain wannabe Chanel purse, Target