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It's always so crazy to me to meet bloggers in real life. It's as if I know this person, on the other side of the computer screen is a living, breathing, functioning member of society somewhere in the world, just not MY world.

Cue my story from earlier this week.

I was hurring, no scratch that, busting my ass to run up Hayes to catch the bus to work. What kind of sick idiot wears platform clogs to run to the bus? Oh right, this sick idiot. With only 5 minutes to get there and extremely short of breath from both running and cursing myself for being so out of shape, I heard someone randomly call my name out from the street as they were driving by.

Rachael, a sweet reader of this little ol' blog of mine, was waving out the window, yelling. Talk about a wake up call for me! First of all, thank you for saying hi. And secondly, thank you for the ride to the bus. It was much appreciated! And surreal at the same time.

Any fun stories you guys have about meeting bloggers IRL? Would love to hear them!

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