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And another lovely little item from the Weardrobe Closet. Short. Sweet and very coral colored. I also found I couldn't decide between striking figure skating poses or ballerina poses but soon after, I realized there's no difference really. So I went for my usual-- the awkward avoiding eye contact with the camera. Enjoy.

The boyfriend left today for Japan. For a month. As a reminder, Ian, some of the types of kimono wrap robes that I would absolutely love you forever for can be found here and here. Happy hunting and of course, have a safe flight.

And with that said, I'm officially late for work now. Ah, blogging, the ruin of so many jobs for so many people, I'm sure.

P.S. Yay for larger pictures, via Photobucket. Big thanks to We Were Damsels for helping me out with that. Quick question though (as I'm really f-ing late now) is the size OK? Or are they too big? Feedback is encouraged!