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You may recall a few weeks ago, I shared that I'll be running the New York Marathon (you can read the original post here regarding the charity I'm working with). Since then, and perhaps even since my Paris marathon back in April, I've been stocking up on workout gear like a mad woman. Between clocking my normal daily mileage out along the Hudson River or trying out different boutique fitness classes around New York, it's been a much needed refresh in my work out gear department (which, if you're like me, makes a huge difference when it comes to finding the motivation to work out.)

Of course, when it comes to investing in quality work out gear, I find it hard to decipher which department store finds are worth the sticker price -- calling to mind when I would go shopping with my mom over the summer for volleyball/basketball/soccer/softball/track season gear and she'd encourage my sister and I to look for the end of season pieces, sometimes stocking up on multiple pairs and colors for different sports bras, shorts, running pants, you name it, because the price was just too right to pass up. So when the folks over at Stein Mart asked me to test drive them out for some of their fall favorites, I jumped at the chance to refresh my athletic gear (which, with the rise of athleisure on the runways this season -- the timing couldn't be better).

Granted my color palette for workout gear tends to be pretty New York (read: greys, whites and blacks) but I love looking for interesting textures and ventilation features. I love that Stein Mart carried a bunch of pieces with cut outs, mesh details, side paneling -- from a lot of my favorites, too. Puma. Nike. Adidas. All at a fraction of the original sticker price. Mom, you hear that? You proud? ­čÖé

Where do you stock up on your work out gear?




OUTFIT DETAILS: High neckline tank // Cutout leggings // Mesh long sleeve t-shirt // Nike Lunar Tempo







This post was in collaboration with Stein Mart. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Photos by Falcon Griffith