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We have one day left of a four year wait.

Like many of you perhaps, I've been thinking a lot about this time of year, four years ago. How I was feeling. What I was thinking. The ways in which I processed the days leading up to the election. And of course, the pit in my stomach that grew larger and larger when I heard the news at 3am that fateful Tuesday night.

The other day, I went back to read the blog post I wrote just a few days after the 2016 election. In it, I talked a lot about my disbelief and heartbreak, but also the idea of "kicking the shit out of Option B" — a page I stole out of Sheryl Sandberg’s book — the idea of taking a setback, a failure or just a plain unexpected turn of events, and seeing it as an opportunity for action. A way of taking a less than ideal hand of cards and staying in the game, because, well, no one else is going to play for you, if you decide to deal yourself out.

As much as I wanted a different outcome in 2016, I knew we all couldn't start planning our moves to Canada. There was work to be done and we had to keep pushing forward.

You don't need me to tell you the past four years have been rocky at best, tyrannical at worst. And while I recognize I largely speak into an echo chamber here on my platform, I still want to take this moment, here on the eve of the election, to tell you WHY I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. To me, they represent the best ticket to support and fight for ALL Americans, regardless of background, tax bracket or the color of their party. I'm voting for racial equality. For climate change. For LGBTQ+ rights. For immigrants and dreamers. For accessible health care. For a solid plan to get COVID-19 under control that respects science and the economy. For women, because we don't need anyone else making decisions for our bodies. For decency. For compassion. For empathy. And so much more.

We have one day left of a four year wait. But whatever the outcome on Wednesday, please remember, there will always be more work to be done. So let's get to the polls tomorrow. And after that, let's roll up our sleeves.

If you haven't voted yet, there's still time. Visit iamavoter.com for more information, including locating your polling place. 


Photos by Grant Legan // Featuring my beautiful friends Kelly Augustine, Serena Goh and Nicolette Mason