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The older I get, the more I ask myself...

How the heck did Katherine Heigl afford 27 bridesmaids dresses? Honestly, I'd like to know. Furthermore, what sane person agrees to participate in 27 different ceremonies? The coordination of that many different logistical nightmares is enough to put my rom com loving heart into cardiac arrest.

But as for attending the wedding itself as a guest? Well, now that part I love. What's better than showing up to join your friends' party that you didn't need to plan or assist with? Then there's the added excuse to dance like an idiot to some wedding song classics ('Shout' anyone?) as you send off the happy couple with cheers, sparklers and, with any luck, a very manageable hangover the next day that just makes me one of those sappy attendees who loves to celebrate love.

Now that wedding season is practically upon us, my guy and I have been fielding a handful of our friends' ceremony invites for the months ahead, which means only one thing: mama needs some new dresses.

Perhaps it's the romantic in me (for some of the aforementioned reasons), but shopping for wedding guest dresses is my absolute favorite -- I usually just see it as an excuse to beef up my summer dress rotation. This season, I'll be doing my usual renting from Rent the Runway (they have SO much good stuff right now perfect for wedding season) but I also have my eye on quite a few pieces that are tempting me to pull out the credit card. In case you guys are in a similar boat, I've rounded up my favorite spring and summer dresses perfect for your next nuptials engagement, with a few key accessories to make the outfit memorable.

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OUTFIT DETAILS: Lauren Ralph Lauren dress, shoes and bag (gifted) // Lauren Ralph Lauren sweater (old, similar style here) // Anthropologie pearl barrettes 

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Photos by Carter Fish