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Perhaps it's the Nevadan in me, but something about the desert will always feel like home. It could be the dry heat, or the clear, star-filled night skies but really, I think it's the blazing pink and orange sunsets that linger for a good half hour after the sun has slipped away that just get me every time. August sunsets were always the best, too. Literally, the sky would look as if it had set itself on fire, burning into the night. While I love my city by the bay, I certainly have a soft spot for the open desert. It's desolate and majestic, all at the same time. 
And I couldn't think of a better way to describe the Grand Canyon: desolate and majestic, austere and yet so regal. All formed by a river! Millions of years ago! Lately, I've been all about trying to keep things in perspective, which I think is an easy thing to say and a much harder thing to do -- but standing out on a jagged vista ledge here at the Grand Canyon did just that for me.
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Photos by Krystal Bick and outfit shots by Heather Clark