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Here at This Time Tomorrow, we're experiencing a few, minor technical difficulties, namely being, I can't find a damn thing in this room. (It literally took me 45 minutes yesterday to find a pair of black tights.) Remnants of the move, the black garbage bags (bottom right) are still strew about the house as I thought I would make it easier on myself and dump everything at once.


Good thing our couch is comfy, because I don't have a bed until I get my butt in gear. Which is hard when the sun is actually out shining today. I'm torn.

Ah. Hell. I'm going outside. Looks like the couch again.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Update: I just noticed that there are four This Time Tomorrow dresses left at ModCloth, let's be spring dress twins! 🙂 Heck, I might have to get another one because I'm pretty sure mine is lost in the depths of this pile.