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Where's the drum roll button on blogspot? I could use one of those right now. Anyway, I first saw Ms. Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey on Weardrobe a few months back. I was immediately smitten with her school-boy inspired outfit, complete with a tie. First of all, kudos to her, because the tie look isn't for everyone and she pulled it off beautifully. Second of all, I've come to love her blog and style. Her outfits all have some spunk and personality to them, which is always refreshing to see. And, I must say this, I envy her top knot bun. A lot.

My slightly jealous confession aside though, and without further ado, I'll shut up now and you can read about some of Ms. Julie's fashion thoughts. Enjoy.

Name: Julie K. O'Boyle
Age: 25
Occupation: I'm a College Admissions Counselor for a small fine art's college (most of the outfits on my blog are work outfits) and I'm also a free-lance photographer.
Location: North of Boston, MA

Store to most likely find you camping out in:
Oh man, this one is difficult. I get my clothes from so many different places, it's hard to pin-point one specific location. I'm pretty broke too, so most of these locations are thrift stores like salvation army- not places anyone really wants to hang out in for any extended period of time. If I had unlimited funds I would love to camp out in Anthropologie, Top-Shop, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. Usually I just browse the sale sections of all these places online, I like the surprise of getting something in the mail. Especially if that something is cheap.

Favorite Beatle and why?
I know every one says this, but I love John Lennon. He was incredibly attractive and I think he had fantastic style. His wedding pictures with Yoko Ono are amazing. However, I was never really a big Beatles fan, though I can certainly appreciate them for what they did for music. I'm much more of a Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop, David Bowie kind of girl.

Describe your style. What's Ms. Julie's style mantra?
My style has A.D.D.- it's completely scattered. I don't really have a particular mantra, but I would say, I try to never limit myself to one particular style. I did this a lot in the past, experimenting with punk and rockabilly styles especially (this did have a lot to do with the music I listened to) but it just made me feel like I had to dress a certain way, and it completely stressed me out. It just limits you so much, subscribing to one specific way of dressing. have fun with your clothes! I love being a chameleon- changing my style from day to day- be unpredictable! Surprise people! Life is much simpler when you're not worrying about projecting a certain image.

What was your inspiration for starting up a fashion blog and what have you enjoyed the most about it thus far?
Orchid Grey (my blog) arose from a number of places. First of all, I always loved looking at other bloggers outfit photos online- everyone is so inspiring!- and I felt like fashion blogging was something that was accessible to me, that I could do. Second, I have a terrible shopping habit and I figured that blogging would be a good way for me to explore what I already owned and be creative, I was kind of in a rut- with a habit of wearing the same five outfits every week- now I look at my closet and get excited to put a new spin on something. Seriously, blogging has helped me save a lot of money. I actually get a little bummed out if I buy something new now. I'll bring it home and then look in my closet, and find something way better. Then I'm all like "well, why did I just buy that if I already had this amazing thing"! Ridiculous, I know. Something I love about blogging is being able to network with people all over the world who have similar interests, and also being able to learn about the different lives they are living. It's really encouraging when people visit Orchid Grey, starting the blog has actually motivated me to lead a more interesting life. After all, I need to have stuff to write about!

Fashion icons?
All you lovely bloggers of course! If I can't figure out what to wear, I'll go online to sites like Weardrobe.com or Wardrobe_Remix on Flickr to see what people are putting together, I'll take from that and put my own spin on it. I also love looking at old pictures of musicians like Debbie Harry, Kate Pierson (of the B52's), Chrissie Hynde (of the Pretenders), Patti Smith, Wanda Jackson, Dolly Parton- they are all so different and did (still do) amazing things with their clothes. I also love looking at films for inspiration, some of my favorites include anything by John Waters (but especially Cry Baby), anything by Wes Anderson, Marie Antoinette, John Hughes movies, and Empire Records. Oh! Also, Clueless! I love anything over the top and kitsch.

Complete this sentence: "I feel best when wearing..."
Dresses! Skirts! anything but pants! I hate pants. I wish I could wear pants and be comfortable, but I just can't. I wear jeans maybe once or twice a week- they just never fit quite right and I'm always left miserable and cranky halfway through the day. I've been searching for years for the perfect pair of high waisted skinny jeans, and I'm convinced they don't exist. I've given up. I think I have a pretty classic silhouette (read: small high waist, big booty, thighs that would make Kate Moss run for cover) and I've learned that it lends itself well to high waisted skirts and dresses.

Fashion advice for other girls your age out there
Wear what makes you feel pretty and learn what looks good on your body type. Be confident! Don't force trends on yourself but don't be afraid to take chances and experiment! Also, please stop wearing pajama pants to the grocery store/ library/ cafe (not that everyone my age does this- it's just a general annoyance).

If your clothes could say one thing to you, what would they say?
My clothes would most definitely say something along the lines of: "Day-um girl, you're pretty sweet lookin'!" or "Julie, it's time to do laundry."