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My unsolicited advice? Retreat when you need to. Turn away from the world for just a moment — I promise you, it will be there when you return —  and revisit what makes you feel alive. Read stories that delight you. Draw something that's tugging at you. Sleep, not out necessity, but simply to dream. Sing, even if you can't. Dance, even if you don't know the steps. We share and document so much with the world these days, that I think we've lost sight of the pleasure of creating something that's never witnessed by another living soul. By no means do I think I'm good (or even adequate) at this, but I'm certainly trying. Each and every day.

And in the spirit of celebrating quiet moments, here are a few of mine from my recent stay at The Maker Hotel, up in Hudson, New York. If you're a fellow New Yorker (or find yourself in upstate New York anytime soon), I highly recommend looking into their Winter Escape packages — ideal for these long, cozy days of hibernation.

Looking to spruce up your home space? Be sure to check out The Maker's Home Collection.

Photography by yours truly