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As I mentioned in my last travel installment with Princess Cruises, I'm a rookie when it comes to cruises. I think I've likely always felt reluctant to try them because I tend to get cabin fever pretty easily, constantly looking for the next thing to jump to while on vacation. What I didn't realize was just how much activity can be packed into a 5-day cruise. While our on board activities were a constant shuffle of pool lounging, drinking and catching the World Series while it was on (all of which was exactly the kind of R&R I needed), we managed to fit into several days of excursions, stopping off first at Grand Cayman (otherwise known as Sting Ray City) and then Cozumel, Mexico (for some Mayan ruin hikes).
As someone who always has her eye on the next destination, I loved the idea of waking up each morning in a different port, with a new adventure ahead of us. Furthermore, if you're tempted to embark on a cruise of your own, why not take a look at some of the latest cruise deals online to find yourself a luxury getaway at an affordable price? So, let's get started, here are a few snaps from our time on and off shore -- hope you enjoy!
Obligatory champagne toast while leaving the Miami dock.

My cruise partner in crime, Beca, and I. 
To say we were spoiled by so many great meals and treats from the Princess Cruise team would be an understatement. More to come on our on board meals in an upcoming post. 
The fearless crew from left to right: Vicki, Marianna, Jenny and I.
Once I got the whole Steve Irwin story out of my head, I warmed up to the idea of holding one of these (giant) guys. And I may have even kissed one (apparently it brings 7 years good luck?). 
The beautiful thing about vacation? It's always Marg o' clock.
Mini victory dance after a pretty scary climb to the top of a Mayan temple (full picture below).

Stay tuned for another cruise installment tomorrow, featuring the outfit above.

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