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Ever since getting back from London (almost three weeks ago now!), I've been teasing my friends and coworkers that I should have really just stayed over on that side of the pond. Of course, I'm only (half) kidding -- but there's something about London I just can't deny. I fell in love with it! The people, the history, the culture, the monarchy pride, the shopping -- and I really only scratched the surface. While I checked off a ton of things I had intended to do while over there, I still had pages of my notes left untouched.
It was a whirlwind and one I didn't want to see come to an end. It wasn't until sitting on my return flight home that I realized I had felt this feeling before. I studied abroad in Italy years ago in college but can distinctly remember how I felt when I packed up my little attic apartment on Via Genova into my two oversized suitcases. I can only really describe it as a bittersweet nostalgia. Fond appreciation for a time past, a lingering sadness to see it end, capped with a hopeful goodbye (because somewhere down the road, you know you'll be crossing paths again soon). So London, I'll be seeing you soon!
Huge thanks again to Regent Tweet for inviting me out! I'm forever in your debt. And stay tuned tomorrow when I'll be recapping my favorite London haunts, for anyone who might be planning their own trip there.
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Obligatory red telephone box shot with Big Ben lurking in the background. // These locks were bunched at one end of the Westminster Bridge with sweet little notes scrawled on them.
One of my favorite spots hands down was St. Paul's Cathedral. I had chills the entire time I was in there.
The street art scene is incredible in London. We had happened to roam around Shoreditch one afternoon and loved the Williamsburg meets Mission vibe of it. 
I opted to rent a flat on AirBnB for my trip and am so happy I did! I don't think I could have gotten quite the local experience had I not. // English breakfast with the Daily Telegraph. 
This photo cracks me up. Apparently everyone wanted a snap of my gelato!
The English love their flower stands and I'm definitely on board with that! Peonies everywhere I turned. // Visited Abbey Road crossing only to battle crowds, but I loved this brick wall in front of the studio that was covered in lyrics and sweet messages from fans.
I mean, did I already mention the English like their flowers?
Explored Portobello Road Market with my friend Nancy and came across so many treasures, including a vintage Vivienne Westwood cuff that I'm now kicking myself for not getting!
If you know me, you know I always make time to go to the theater. And Kevin Spacey's one-man performance in Clarrance Darrow did not disappoint. 
In flight essentials. // #Selfie at Harrods in the shoe department, no less.
All photos by Krystal Bick & Nancy Gibbs