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Our deck view at the wildlife refuge.
Just one of the many butterflies flitting around.
Left: Obsessed with these quirky coconuts! Right: A mission bell at Two Lovers Point.
Love notes on locks at Two Lovers Point.
Local dance group performing a traditional Chamorro dance at the Guam Micronesia Island Fair.
This coconut stand still makes me smile.
Dress: DVF; Sandals: J.Crew; Sunglasses: Karen Walker; Jewelry: Gorjana "Super Star" necklace c/o
Our second day in Guam was dedicated to exploring all over the island and just going back through these photos makes me miss the humidity! We started off the day heading north to a wildlife refuge where we sat in the shade and took in the ocean views below us. (So glad I brought these fans along -- they came in super handy during our downtime.) We then went south to one of my favorite spots of the whole trip -- Two Lovers Point. According to Chamorron legend, the daughter of a wealthy Spanish aristocrat and a local Chamorro boy from a modest family fell madly in love only to realize that both their families forbid their relationship. Out of desperation, the two lovers tied their hair together and jumped off the cliff, to escape both of their angry family's wrath. The locks and tags you see above are left by visitors who write their lover's name on them and throw the key away over into the ocean -- quite romantic sentiments to think about as you stand on the overhang looking out.  
Outfit photos by Meryll Yan