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"I'll stay til the wind changes." ~ P.L. Travers, Mary Poppins

Perhaps it's the less-than-sunny weather we're having right now in New York, but it's has felt quite London in spirit lately -- grey foggy mornings, mid-afternoon rain showers and the brewing of an evening storm as we're getting into bed at night. While I personally love it from a visual storytelling perspective (the light is just so moody!), it's made dressing quite difficult these days (although I never say no to carrying an umbrella as an accessory for the day -- Mary Poppins would approve). Here's a mash up of everything I've been rotating through these days and desperately trying to keep dry while doing so! Scroll down for the full IGTV video.

LOOK ONE // Dinner with the Hotel Tonight team

LOOK TWO // Weekend birthday party 

LOOK THREE // Evening brand event

LOOK FOUR // Opening party for a new exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden

LOOK FIVE // Brand meetings


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Photos by Allie Provost