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Let's talk closets.

Over the past few years, my closet space has regressed. Or perhaps my need for more space has increased ten fold. Either way, I remember my very first big girl studio apartment in San Francisco had a HUGE walk in closet with a sunny little window. I had space for shoe shelves, bag shelves, a ton of clothes and even a little bench where I could sit and plan outfits right there in my closet. Simply put: that closet was good to me (here's an old photo of it!).

Since then, each subsequent apartment has come with less and less storage space for my things (again, we could make the same argument here that I'm accumulating too many things, but that's a story for another day), until my final studio in the West Village was the breaking point. While I loved that studio to pieces (and will always have a soft spot when I pass by it in the Village), I had NO space to really comfortably store my things in an organized and inspirational way.

I'll stop here to say: I'm aware these are all very much so first world problems.

Now that we've officially moved into our two-bedroom apartment, I can feel a functional closet within grasp and I cannot tell you how excited I am to start the design process. The smaller of the two bedrooms will be my dedicated office/closet space -- my cloffice if you will -- and I'm knee-deep in the design process with a few different vendors (trying to price compare everything). I have a few plans from the Container Store and I'm meeting with California Closets and IKEA soon to chat about comparable options.

Since I've been pinning like crazy lately, I figured I would share some of the inspiration for the space, as well as a few decorative items I'd love to fill it with!

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