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The day is finally here! By the time you're reading this, I'll be hopping over the pond to visit London for my very first time. While my itinerary is already miles long thanks to lots of guide books and all of your sweet emails and comments (thank you by the way!), it's the packing that I've been stubbornly putting off. I'm notorious for convincing myself I can whip up a functional suitcase in under an hour. The truth is, I can, but it ain't pretty. My apartment is usually left in an awful state of disarray when I'm done and without fail, I end up bringing too much (usually shoes) or too little (usually layers) of one type of item. 
This time around, I started a bit earlier (pat on the back for me!) by stopping off at Intermix for a few key basics that I know I'll get a lot of mileage out of during the trip. I'm particularly excited about my pair of Frame jeans and a crisp white Helmut Lang blazer that I think will look brilliant with ol' Kate here. 
Here's a little peek into what else I'm bringing along for the ride...
Couldn't help myself -- had to pack the "American Dream" sweater. ­čÖé
$5 says I'll be living in this McQueen leather jacket the entire time.
The lightest whisper of a camisole -- looking forward to wearing this with blazers, skinny jeans and flats.
A heavy rotation of denim. Obvi. 
The usual suspects: Konstantina Tzovolou, Henri Lepore Dezert and my trusty Birks.