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Inspired by a question prompt from everyone's favorite dinner party game We're Not Really Strangers, here are some little things that really aren't that little to me: When someone says to you "I'm listening," even though everyone else is talking over you. The way a significant other touches your back in ordinary moments of the day. A genuine introduction of friends. Finding the perfect bench in the park on that first beautiful spring day of the season. "This song reminds me of you." Witnessing kindness between strangers. Sharing a laugh with someone on the train. When someone senses you need a little bit longer of a hug, so they don't let go just yet. An unprompted "I'm proud of you," text. Sharing in someone else's joy like your own and similarly, when they reciprocate it. Book recommendations. "See you soon — can I grab you coffee?" Comfortable silences with someone special. Engaged listeners, who think about what you're telling them, as opposed to simply waiting to speak. People who make you forget about your phone when you're with them. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands while walking down the street. The way dogs seem to smile right at you. Friends who bring up your name in rooms with opportunities. Appreciating a quiet museum day with someone you love. The way someone glances back at you before they leave...

I could go on and on but since I received some wonderful responses the other day, I wanted to share your little things that aren't that little after all. Hope you enjoy.

  • When someone tells you they've been passing along a funny story you told! The joy continues!
  • When someone uses the word "we."
  • "Love You" text from my mom every day even if we don't talk.
  • When people sit on the kitchen stools while I cook.
  • When someone hears you come home and helps unload the car without asking.
  • When someone inserts your name into conversation instead of using "you" or "her" or "him."
  • Someone asking me about my childhood or my past.
  • Good morning texts.
  • When someone says "I understand" and you know they mean it.
  • When someone lets you talk and pays attention to you.
  • When someone asks how to say my name.
  • When seeds you plant grow into something glorious!
  • Being gifted a book, a good playlist shared and a "be safe" message.
  • Listening to my teenage son humming and knowing he is happy.
  • Strangers holding the door open for you.
  • Smiling eyes...not just a smile.
  • When my toddler whispers, "I love you, mama."
  • When someone addresses you by your name in conversation.
  • When someone is genuinely excited to see you.
  • "I'm taking you out to dinner tonight."
  • When bus drivers honk/wave at each other as they pass by.
  • Friends who say your name in rooms with opportunities.
  • When someone remembers your name after only the first meeting.
  • "Sweet dreams" and a kiss goodnight.
  • My children helping me after surgery without me ever saying a word.
  • When a stranger compliments my outfit in passing.
  • When my partner puts my car in the garage because it's gonna snow over night.
  • Sharing food with someone.
  • Dinner dates without checking phones.
  • When he rubs your back/shoulder as he passes by during a social gathering.
  • My husband lending me his good socks when my feet are cold.
  • Eye contact when someone is asking how you are.
  • A gentle touch on the shoulder or hand.
  • My husband making morning coffee so it's ready when I get up.

Photos snapped on location out at Montauk Beach

Photography by Alissa Morabito