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Dress: Little Black Dress; Shoes: Saint Laurent; Coat: MM. LaFleur; Clutch: Vintage (gift from my sister); Necklace: Vintage (gift from my mom)
As you might have spotted on Instagram the other day, I'm currently out at sea with Celebrity Cruises (roaming around the Caribbean). But while I was away, I thought it might be fun to do a little tour of the city, that no matter where I go in the world, I'm always happen to return to: New York. There's something about touching down at JFK and seeing the skyline and the lights sparkle through the clouds below that gets my heart racing. 
And since my heart gets racing for a little black dress as well, I wanted to pair the two together, a visual tour of the city in nothing but the most iconic dress any woman can own. An inseparable force. A dynamic duo, if you will.
First stop? Well grab your coffee, croissant and alligator shoes. We're heading to Tiffany's.