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Oy! What a week! Between traveling back from Australia at the end of last week (an ordeal that took over 50+ hours of traveling due to nasty weather) and getting caught up on work and sleep this week, I think I hit a pretty hard wall. That wall is the lovely cold I now have, congestion and headaches and all -- the complete works.

Of course, I'm pretty guilty of trying to "soldier" through things, even when my body is clearly telling me no, which is largely why I think I have this darn cold in the first place. I clocked little to no normal sleep patterns while we were in Australia (my own fault -- I was optimizing for New York time for emails, for social media management, etc.) and during the day, was pretty much caffeinating my way through, as we drove from beautiful location to beautiful location (don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining, just recognizing the fact I have a hard time 'relaxing,' even while on vacation).

I plan on writing a longer, reflection post about this latter issue of mine -- that being the inability to just CHILL sometimes (perhaps you suffer from it too?) -- but in the meantime, I wanted to focus today's post on how I've been tackling my jet lag and head cold. True to form, I've been taking this "downtime" opportunity to at least get somewhat caught up on email as well as reading through your responses from Monday's reader survey (a huge thank you to everyone who has filled it out so far, by the way!).

But I've accumulated a handful of tricks over the years that have helped immensely when it comes to forcing yourself to readjust your inner time zone. They say it takes your body roughly a day for each time zone crossed to recover from jet lag. Given that Melbourne is a full 16 hours ahead of New York, I have my work cut out for me this time. I've left out the most obvious ones, like coming home to an extremely comfortable mattress to allow deep sleep, and focused on the more niche tricks I like to use. If you know that your mattress isn't right for you then you're already losing the battle over jetlag so head over to bestmattress brand to find a better option.

So, in no particular order, I give you my 5 tips for kicking jet lag, from binaural beats to melatonin. And yes, you may worry, can you overdose on melatonin and other questions, but if you have any worries you can always do some more research. And, of course, I'd love to hear what's helped you guys with your jet lag! Share in the comments below!

Photos by Alisha Siegel