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It's funny to me that these days spent largely at home, I've been experimenting with my hat collection more so than ever.

The joys of playing dress up when you have no where to go, I guess? And after snapping this particular photo of one of my favorite vintage hat finds here in New York, I figured I'd put together a little cheat sheet of hat brands on my radar lately -- new and contemporary as well as a few Etsy shops where I always find great vintage pieces (for incredible prices!). In case you're a hat aficionado like me, this post is right up your alley! And even if you're not a hat enthusiast, I'm sure you're probably in the market for a good sun once we've been cleared to go outside again.

  • Eliurpi: I first learned about Eliurpi from my friend Lindsey Calla, who has been taking some incredible self portraits lately in their pieces. All their hats are handmade in Barcelona, where the brand hails from, and if I was a betting woman, I'd say they will definitely be taking the throne from Jacquemus' infamous wide brim beauties of past seasons. Mark my words. Their price point can be a bit steep, but in my opinion, understandable given how statement each piece feels.
  • Sensi Studio: Another sun hat darling, Sensi Studio is based out of Ecuador, where each hat is handmade as well, by the local artisan community. Lots of wide brim beauties here -- perfect for the beach or tanning out on your fire escape. I have my eye on this guy...
  • Avenue the Label: Created by childhood friends hailing from Australia, Avenue the Label is a new line of retro-inspired, but contemporary leaning hats. My favorite ones have long dramatic ribbons, coming in a variety of colors and patterns. Plus, their price point is perfect -- most, if not all, pieces come in under $200.


  • Stephen Jones (featured in the second image here): As far as a statement splurge hat -- you know, just in case you get a royal wedding invitation or perhaps want to feel a bit fancy for dinner up on your rooftop -- I can't take my eyes off Stephen Jones' creations. Equal parts whimsical as they are daring, these hats are certainly conversation starters. Granted, I likely won't be pulling the trigger on any of these beauties soon, but a girl can dream for now.
  • His & Hers Vintage on Etsy: I don't think I'm alone when I admit, I dig on Etsy A LOT. There's just so much treasure to be found! Of course, on that same token, it can be tricky finding reputable sellers where the imagery really reflects the color, fit and condition accurately, particularly when it comes to vintage clothing and accessories. As a frequent shopper of His & Hers vintage on Etsy though, I can assure you, you have nothing to worry about! Their product imagery is amazing -- well-lit and shown on an actual model, with detailed hat measurements (a must when you're buying vintage hats because they all tend to run really small). Great assortment of hats from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • AnnaMae's Attic on Etsy: I just found AnnaMae yesterday to be honest when I was searching for a very particular red vintage hat. While her product photos don't show any of the hats on a model, they are seemingly well-lit with excellent product measurements. And a lot of her pieces come with the original hat box -- always a plus! She has a similar assortment to His & Hers Vintage (although not as extensive) with a heavier emphasis on pieces from the 40s.

But of course, I'd love to know -- are there any hat brands you've been loving lately? Or perhaps Etsy shops you've been eyeing?

First image shot by me