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OK, really only two items on the list, so I'm not sure if it qualifies as a legitimate order of business, but here goes nothing:

1.) I'm actually looking forward to going to the movies by myself tonight. Yes. I said it. Has anyone else see the episode of Friends where Rachael learns to eat lunch by herself and enjoys it? That's how I'm feeling right now. Social norms be damned (on a Friday, date night mind you!) I'm looking forward to it! Big popcorn to myself. Big soda to myself. And, my favorite part, the only person I have to consult as to what movie to see, is myself.

Although that last part might be hard to narrow down. It's between "The Runaways" and "Remember Me," which is altogether really surprising as all three main actors in the two movies made for horrible co-stars in a horribly comical movie that shall remain unnamed. (I hope I didn't offend too may "Twilight" fans out there, damn, I said it). In my defense, a.) Robert Pattinson is yummy and I think he might actually be a decent actor (but when you're that yummy, who cares?) and b.) I could use a decent rock and roll, drug addiction story line today.

Tough, tough choice.

2.) I got flowers at work today. Sorry. Just had to gloat a little. They're beautiful orchids and have brightened up our little corner at work tremendously. To the person who sent them, thank you! You've put a big smile on my face and given me bragging rights for the day. Although I don't think you read this blog, so I'll send you a text right now…as I head out the door. To the movies, I go!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Blazer: Navy boyfriend blazer, Charlotte Ronson for JCPenny
Bustier: Black zip up bustier, Urban Outfitters
Skirt: White lace mini skirt, Frederick's of Hollywood (OLD)
Shoes: Stampede Open Toe Clogs, Jeffrey Campbell courtesy of Shopbop

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