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Over the years...

...I've developed somewhat of a road trip tradition of stopping at used book stores in the small towns we pass along the way. And truly, I don't know what I love more — the smell of the old books or the people you meet in the shop itself. Either way, it's always a good excuse to stretch the legs, get a feel for the town and pick up a momento that in some way or another, will be indelibly tied to the memories of the trip.

Generally, I don't have a particular title in mind when I browse through the stacks — it's more a feeling I'm waiting for — a tangible tug toward something. When we stopped by the town of Catskill last weekend, mainly for some ice cream (for us) and water (for Elvis), I spotted the adorable blue and white striped awning of Magpie Bookshop, right down the way. Left to my own devices, I could have easily spent the afternoon there, but immediately was drawn to their collector's edition shelves, where I found a beautiful, first edition printing of Hemingway's Garden of Eden.

We then spent the rest of the late afternoon back at our lodge, reading in a hammock, as the setting sun cast a warm glow through draping willow tree branches, almost like a veil surrounding us. In a way, I can still smell the air of that evening, thick with the scent of smoke from a nearby fire pit, freshly cut grass and the faint aroma of fading ink on paper — that dusty, beautiful attic smell of a dear, dear old book. And that's exactly why I love this little tradition of mine — because you see, years from now, when I'm browsing my bookshelves for something to reread, I can only hope another random summer evening will lead me to flip through the pages of Hemingway's Garden of Eden — and I'll feel the sway of that hammock all over again, with my love by my side.

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