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OUTFIT DETAILS: Zimmermann dress (from last year, similar style here) // Vintage cowboy boots (similar style here) // Lack of Color hat



By popular demand, here are my top three style tips for fall:

1. Register to vote. Today. If you're already registered, double check your registration to make sure your information on file is correct. Unsure where to start the process? Head to I Am A Voter.

2. Make a voting plan. Request that mail-in ballot now. If you are comfortable and able to vote in person, confirm early, in-person voting dates in your state. Research the candidates on your ballot, across all levels, federal, state and local.

And finally 3. VOTE like hell in November! That's it. That's all. Because voting will always be trés chic.

ONE // Brittany Packnett Cunningham's MSNBC interview in response to the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury announcement 

I know this week has been hard and heavy -- a weight that I'll never fully be able to comprehend. One thing is for certain: We've failed Breonna Taylor. I shared this Live video from Brittany Packnett Cunningham yesterday on Stories but I wanted to share this interview as she hits the nail right on the head. "It's 400 years of fed up." And in case you're financially able to, perhaps consider making a donation to the BLM chapter in Louisville and their bail fund. I just made a donation myself.

TWO // Humans of New York -- "Tattletales from Tanqueray"

I'm sure none of you need me to introduce you to the Instagram account Humans of New York -- but his most recent posts chronicling the stories of a woman named Tanqueray have been beautiful examples of moving storytelling.

THREE // What if Trump refuses to concede?

This is a fascinating article. And it frightened me to death. A must-read.


FOUR // May every woman find her Marty Ginsburg 

May we all have more women like the monumental RBG. And may we all have more men like her Marty, who wholeheartedly embraced his role as a SCOTUS husband. A prime example of a loving and supportive relationship.

FIVE // Helena's Q&A with a wine expert

Pass the bottle, please.

SIX // Tamu McPherson has your Fashion Month fix

I know Fashion Week and Fashion Month have looked extremely different around the world, but if you're looking for a hit of fashion these days, Tamu has the BEST coverage right now on her Stories.

 SEVEN // Watch former clerks of Justice RBG stand in silent tribute to her as her casket arrives at Supreme Court

This made me cry. Moral of the story? Always be a good boss.

EIGHT // 3 things making me smile

My dear friend Igee Okafor asked Michelle Obama a question -- watch her response here! // Lizzo is on the cover of October Vogue! // Loving the new site redesign over at my friends NYCxClothes.




Photos by Carter Fish, shot on location in Sedona, Arizona on a press trip with Bentley