3 minute read

As I type this, my window is open, rain pitter-pattering against the sill, thunder occasionally rumbling in the distance.

I have a candle lit, and the breeze coming in is cool and sweet. It was sunny and mild today, the perfect spring day in New York. It's days like this, in the city, that make you finally feel renewed, able to break out of winter's shell. You can relax your shoulders, breathe in deep, and settle into spring. Can you tell I'm so ready for this weather?!

In the spirit of relaxing summer rain, I've rounded up my favorite things from the past week for you to enjoy on this lovely Friday morning. I'll be wrapping up finals for my last semester ever (!) of college and welcoming family for graduation next week. Everything's a bit blurry right now, but I'm leaning into it. The sun hasn't hurt one bit.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend.

Photos by Nora Varcho