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Happy Friday!

Congratulations, we made it! I don't know about you, but this week was MANIC in the best way possible! Some highlights include: the dreamiest shoot EVER with Carolina Herrera (and of course, my girls, Karen, Sai and Helena), an evening performance of Pretty Woman on Broadway and a collaboration with one of my favorite non-profit organizations, Dress for Success (more to come on that later though!).

Speaking of girlfriends, I'm heading out to Montauk this afternoon to celebrate with my friend Natalie for her latest collection launch with INSPR, so in efforts to keep this short and sweet, I leave you with the above behind the scenes video from my shoot with Express and Karen and, of course, a list of what's been catching my eye around the interwebs these days.

ONE // Reformation launches lingerie!

This is the way you launch lingerie -- feature rad women of DIFFERENT sizes and backgrounds running rad businesses.

TWO // Why don't I want to marry my perfect boyfriend?

Since we chatted a lot about what Carrie would say about dating as a 30 something in New York today, I found this write up over on Man Repeller to be fascinating -- the idea of being with A One, instead of The One.

THREE // Gloria Steinem launches lip gloss to help incarcerated women

Net profits go toward the unPrison Project that offers female inmates mentorship, literacy programs and support in helping to plan their lives after prison.

FOUR // 5 life lessons learned on the farm

Loved this heartfelt post of Jacey's.

FIVE // Drink with James episode 112

Do you guys watch the Drink with James episodes each week? If you're unfamiliar with James. he's one of the co-founders of Fohr, an influencer agency, and he gives some of the best, candid advice for running your blog as a business. This week's episode is all about newsletter strategy, event etiquette and the hardest milestones to hit follower count-wise, but I highly recommend going back through the archives -- so many great topics from past weeks!

SIX // Ban.do's Jen Gotch on crying at the office and the beauty of oversharing

Oh boy, raise your hand if you've ever cried in the office before (my hand is definitely raised). This read made me feel WAY better about it.

SEVEN // 12 best documentaries of 2018 so far

I've seen 7 of these so far -- how many have you seen?

EIGHT // When men demand your attention, it's OK to ignore them

How many of us can relate to the following:

"If you’re a woman, strange men expect you to put aside your book to talk to them if you’re reading in a café. They’ll expect your help with their work, even when you’re working on your own work at the office. They’ll catcall you on the street, and then get angry about how you’re a bitch if you ignore them or say you don’t like it.

It’s because men still feel fundamentally entitled to women’s time and energy. Because really, what better use could it have than being of service to them?"

Video by Quinn Thomashow