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Greetings from Central Park!

I'm currently sitting in an almost mile-deep long line in Central Park waiting for none other than the free tickets to tonight's Shakespeare in the Park performance of Much Ado About Nothing. I've been awake since 4:45am, here at the park since 6am and they don't start passing out tickets until 12pm. Let it suffice to say, I take my Shakespeare very seriously.

So while I cross my fingers (and toes) for tickets to tonight's performance, let's kick off this week's Friday Favorites a day late, shall we?

ONE // The new Toni Morrison documentary is a must-watch 

This documentary opened yesterday and my guy and I are planning on seeing it this Sunday. For all my Toni Morrison fans, it sounds like a must-see.

TWO // Is my dog manipulating me?

I've been saying this for years -- finally, someone put into writing what I've been suspecting all along!

THREE // The grandma scarf trend is a thing

Told ya guys! Remember when I shared this guide to grandma dressing a few months ago?

FOUR // How to plan a bachelorette party 

Having never planned a bachelorette party myself, I'm definitely bookmarking this one by Kat just in case I get called to the plate!

FIVE // The best (and worst!) Netflix original movies

Just a heads up, it takes FOREVER to scroll down to the top 10 -- so be prepared. Any guesses where Bird Box ended up?

SIX // Sail GP in New York

In addition to Shakespeare this weekend, I'm excited to join the SailGP team for a weekend of F50 catamaran racing out on the Hudson River! I went last night out on a Classic Harbor Line cruiser to get close to the action on the water and while USA didn't fare too well, I was happy to see the Aussies dominating! Races continue today as well so if you're looking for something unique to do this evening, you can snag tickets right this way.

SEVEN // How to quiet your inner asshole

Great tips for telling the jerk inside of you to properly fuck off.

EIGHT // There was dancing in the street -- and rain -- at this New Orleans wedding

So I don't normally share wedding galleries like this but this ceremony just looked like it was too much fun NOT to share! Plus, the bride's dress is by Johanna Ortiz so you know I was sold on that from the start.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

OUTFIT DETAILS: The White Company dress (gifted) // Mint & Rose sandals (gifted) // Poolside bag (gifted) // Italian silk scarf 


Photos by Lydia Hudgens