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Another week, another round of favorites!

Let's kick things off shall we? Lots of good internet grub this week.

ONE // National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Thanks to my friend, Hitha, I now know today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Slavery is still very much an issue today, not just in other countries, but right here in the United States (see: Cyntoia Brown). I've been reading up about the mission of Together One Heart, an organization that Hitha shared earlier today, which works to help young women and girls who are victims of or at risk of being victims of sex slavery to recover and regain their independence. Head to Hitha's latest Instagram post for other ways to help fight this horrifying battle.

TWO // How real couples split their finances 

These are the kind of relationship topics I want to see more of in 2019!

THREE // How 19 famous women spent their first big paycheck

Loved Kerry Washington's response here.

FOUR // A personal breakup essay from Grace

Breakups. They never get easier, do they? I love Grace's candor in this post -- and found myself nodding a lot to this point: "You don’t hate the person, you miss them a lot, but you know it’s not a long-term fit." Breakups in your 30s rarely happen because you can't stand the other person, it's more so because the fit just isn't there. I shared this breakup post of mine earlier this week so I'll re-share it again here, in case it helps anyone going through something similar.

FIVE // Where goop staffers get work done in NYC, LA, Paris and London

Booking marking these spots, ASAP.


SIX // Here's how the government shutdown affects everything you eat

Jesus, this is scary.

SEVEN // Women supporting women (of all sizes) -- an essay from my friend Kellie

My good friend Kellie shared an essay about how women of all sizes should support and seek inspiration from each other -- and I couldn't agree with her more. I'll be sharing my own thoughts later today, but wanted to share her beautifully written article in the meantime.

EIGHT // Penn Badgley is here to remind us: his You character WAS CRAZY

Friendly reminder: Joe Goldberg (from the Netflix craze You), is easy on the eyes, yes, but he'd be much cuter behind bars after the crap he pulls on the show. Penn takes to Twitter to remind us that sweet psychopaths are not relationship material.

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