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So yet again, I'm turning to you dear readers. Krystal needs an apartment in San Francisco. Like by the end of this month. Nine days. NINE DAYS. Eeek. Any neighborhood suggestions/tips/advice/possible roommate leads would be much, much appreciated. Thus far, my co-worker has suggested Mission Dolores as a good fit for my personal style. I would love to live by Golden Gate Park, but am open to most (somewhat nice) areas. I do have to commute everyday to work though, so somewhat painless access to the 101 would be awesome too, but not a complete deal breaker.

Thanks guys! You're the best!

Cardigan: Waterfall drape cardigan, Urban Outfitters
Shirt: White V-neck t-shirt, American Apparel
Shorts: Trouser shorts, Zara
Belt: Vintage leather belt
Shoes: Brown leather gladiator heels, Simply Vera