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I'm sure many of you wonder what I do, professionally speaking, besides entertain the blogosphere with amazingly awesome outfit posts. (Just indulge my delusional self and nod your head yes, please.) Well dearies, here in Nevada we rough the desert hills, mining for silver and tending to the fields. Leather-skinned outlaws roam and torment good folk, while the constant threat of isolation can drive a man crazy. CRAZY.

Ah hell, but everyone really knows gambling and prostitution run this state. And me? I work 9-5. Yep, a 9-5 prostitute. Now you can say you've met one.

Just kidding. I'm working as a paralegal right now, killing time before I find the perfect way to word my pitch letter to Anna Wintour, making her realize that there is no possible way she cannot have me write for her publication.

Yeah, I know. The prostitution bit was probably more exciting. And, as I'm sure I just lost 10 readers because of that statement, probably more believable, huh? 

Damn it. 

Dress: Grey silk shirt dress, Kimichi & Blue
Socks: Lace socks
Shoes: Black, lace-up ankle boots, H&M
Sunglasses: Vintage Jackie O sunnies
Rake: my backyard