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Do you remember what you wore for your first professional job interview?

Mine was a black pencil skirt, a white peasant style blouse, billowy at the sleeves with a high collar, black pumps from Old Navy and my big yellow leather shoulder bag, that I affectionately dubbed my Big Bird bag. My boyfriend at the time teased me that I could fit everything I needed in it. And then some. The collective total for my outfit was probably well under $150 -- a huge chunk of my then waitressing paycheck and man, I loved that "professional" outfit of mine. I was a junior in college and I was heading in for a reporter internship interview at a local newspaper, The Sparks Tribune.

I remember feeling terrified as to what my editor would be like. What questions would he ask me? Would he be really stern? Would he give me an AP style copy editing test, right there on the spot? Would he like me?

And despite all my doubts and fears of the interview itself, I do remember feeling quite confident regardless, when I walked in for that interview. I held my head high, looked him straight in the eye and told myself, "You've earned A's up until this point, you must know something he'll be impressed with. Or at the very least, impress him with your incredible dad joke wit."

Thankfully, I didn't have to result to the latter (no offense, Dad) and I walked away that afternoon with an internship offer -- something I chock up to a good mental pep talk to remind myself what I know I'm capable of and an outfit that didn't let me forget that fact. You all have undoubtedly heard me say this before, but I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you look and feel your best, you perform at your best. You command a room better, you hold attention longer, you FEEL stronger, when you have an outfit that makes you feel your most powerful.

It's that same sentiment that lead me to find the non-profit organization Dress for Success, whose MO is very much aligned. Dress for Success works to economically empower women through educational programming, mentorships and professional outfitting. I've been a longtime supporter of Dress for Success and their mission but when they invited me to join them for a day of filming a few promotional videos with their ambassadors, it was my first time getting to meet and interact with women who have actually gone through and benefited from their programming. Each woman came to Dress for Success with their own reasons and under vastly different circumstances, but they all walked away with the same belief and confidence in themselves that is quite truly, irreplaceable.

To learn more about each ambassador, hop over to the Vanity Fair Lingerie YouTube channel where you'll meet them and be sure to hit play on my intro video down below. I'd like to thank both Dress for Success for having me for the day and Vanity Fair Lingerie for their longstanding Buy One, Get One, Give One offer, in which for every Vanity Fair bra purchased, you'll receive one free bra with another bra being donated to Dress for Success on your behalf, the goal being to donate 50,000 bras in total. Because if an outfit will make you hold your shoulders back and your head high, a proper fitting bra is the first step in setting up that foundation. It's the secret of many a london escort, or a successful business woman, after all.

You can learn more about Vanity Fair's BOGOGO offer here. To learn more about how you can get involved with Dress for Success, head to their "Get Involved" page here.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zara blazer (similar style here) // Aritzia dress (old from last year, but LOVE the color of this dress and it's on sale!) // Dior shoes // Vintage Dior double saddle bag // Maje belt // Showroad necklace


This post was in collaboration with Dress for Success and Vanity Fair Lingerie. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Photos by Carter Fish // Video by Dress for Success and Vanity Fair teams