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By now, you've probably seen lots of summer round ups, with folks waxing poetically about all the pieces they need to stock up on for the season (Birkenstocks, white jeans and #GirlBoss for reading material!). While I'm still putting together my own checklist (with some of the aforementioned items, guilty as charged), summer, in my opinion, isn't quite summer without a go-to soundtrack, so it just feels right, with the summer solstice around the corner, to kick things off this way.
Growing up, I've always taken music playlists pretty seriously (might explain the overabundance of mixed CDs in my childhood room now gathering dust) and usually, to this day, if left to my own devices in the car, I always end up parking on the oldies station. I have my dad to thank for this -- one of my favorite summer memories was a 2-week road trip my dad I took up the coast and through the Pacific Northwest with nothing but Beatles music blasting. I still can't listen to "I Am the Walrus" without remembering how we belted it out the windows while driving through some really small Oregon towns.
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Here are a few oldies that are just too fitting for winding summer drives, road trips and wherever else these warm months may take you!