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As you all know by watching a handful of my Insta Stories, I love a good playlist.

And I love to share them too! Lately, especially with my latest Minute of Calm installments, I've been getting more requests than usual for a few good playlists for all this time we now have at home to work AND hopefully play when we get the chance. And today, I'm happy to report, I have two new playlists that you'll hopefully find useful for some of your more creative work endeavors.

The first is a writing specific playlist -- filled to the brim with some of my most recent classical music favorites -- with heavy emphasis on piano and cello tracks (because I adore the sound of both instruments). Whenever I'm in a deep writing zone, I prefer to have classical music playing, as any music with vocals will usually end up distracting me from the words in my head. It's also a great reading playlist -- especially when you're unwinding from the day.

As for the second playlist? I've called this one my Studio playlist, as it's an assortment of songs I love to have playing in the background when I'm setting up for a photo shoot, either around our apartment, the rooftop or in our makeshift studio. Of course, this playlist works for any creative activities you might on deck where you might want an assortment of upbeat, but still introspective indie and classic tracks.

Of course, would love to know, what have you been listening to a lot lately? Any new favorite artists or bands? Or perhaps an instrument you're just now realizing you've loved all along? (For me, that would be the clarinet -- the opening part of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue still gets me every time!)

Photo by me