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I truly believe we're all meant to go through many chapters in our lives. Different chapters of where we live, who we spend our time with and what we do to pass the day. And personally, I can't wait for an epilogue chapter of mine, many, many years from now, when I live in a villa that I renovate with my own two hands tucked away in the rolling hills of Tuscany. Perhaps I'll be a winemaker, too — digging into the earth each day if my back allows for it, supplying local restaurants with the literal fruits of my labor each season. A true Tuscan dream. Until that chapter comes though, I'll happily transport myself to Italy whenever the occasion calls for it, which with all this beautiful sunshine we're having in New York, is quite often these days. I was recently introduced to Brunello di Montalcino, a varietal known for its dry, aromatic presence and harmonious body (think rich wood, berries, light vanilla and jam), making it a perfect transitional red wine in my opinion, ideal for both winter and summer occasions.

And this particular bottle is from the family run and operated estate of Beatesca, nestled in one of the many hills of the region, drenched in sunshine and rich with Sangiovese grapes. Truth be told, the more I read about their vineyards, the more I wanted to transport us all somehow to Tuscany, hence why I hunted down the perfect field of wildflowers just north of the city for an alfresco happy hour. If you're looking for a bottle for your next summer picnic, I cannot recommend Beatesca enough. Cin-cin!

Staud dress (from a few years ago, similar style here) // Sarah Flint sandals (gifted) // Beatesca Brunello di Montalcino // Photographed at the South County Trailway trailhead in Hastings-on-Hudson, nearby parking at the Farragut Avenue exit

Allie Provost