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I'd like to think that I could roam around Barcelona in this outfit. Granted, I was in Barcelona once. But after a semester abroad full of traveling every weekend, it's expensive (and exhausting) to keep up with those chic Europeans. I'm thoroughly convinced there's something in their water that allows them to exude more style in their big toe than I have in my whole being. Including my hair. And I have a lot of hair on my head. If you haven't noticed.  

With Barcelona in mind, I kind of ran with some inspiration from Penelope Cruz and her role in Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Sure, she played an eccentric, suicidal (not to mention homicidal) artsy bitch, but aren't we all sometimes? 

I mean, nobody's perfect.

For the outfit, I wanted to focus on more of a romantic feel, thus the princess sleeves, the delicate detailing and of course the dangly jewelry, specifically the rosary (hello, Catholicism) and the red woven tear drop charm that just screams, "Take me to Spain!" 

No, wait. Not scream. Perhaps whisper with a rich accent. Yes, that's what Penelope would do.

Blouse: Beige crocheted detailing top, Miss Me
Skirt: Black bandage skirt, Target
Boots: Vintage riding boots
Jewelry: Multiple vintage necklaces