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I think we can all agree -- the world could use an extra dose of kindness this holiday season.

So in honor of Giving Tuesday today, I've put together a list of ideas to get you started on how to easily pay a little kindness forward -- today and hopefully every day. Of course, I'd like to note, if you are financially able to make a donation today, your contribution won't go unnoticed. But remember, small acts of kindness usually cost us nothing and can have the most wonderful impact for us, too.

  • Reach out to an older person in your life -- a family member, a neighbor, a friend -- and see if they need help with anything or if they just want to chat. Keeping them company and making them laugh may be just the thing they were craving.
  • Write a letter to an elderly person -- for more details, see here.
  • Pay for someone's order today -- their coffee, their meal.
  • Swipe for someone's ride at the subway.
  • Tell your essential workers how much they mean to you -- send a gift card for food to your local fire/police station and hospital.
  • Leave an extra big tip when you receive great service.
  • Leave a donation box in a common area of your building with unopened food, over the counter medicines and cleaning products for your neighbors to pick up what they need.
  • Donate to a coat drive, either with old coats or $20 (which gets someone in need a new coat).
  • Donate to Toys For Tots.
  • Give someone an unprompted compliment.
  • Post a message of hope in your window -- in hopes it brightens someone else's day.
  • Check with your local food pantry to see if they're distributing pre-packaged lunches and dinners -- and see what supplies they need.
  • Smile big at people, even under your mask -- the crinkling of your eye will give it away.
  • Call a local women's shelter to see what supplies they may need.
  • Leave a care package of toys and books for a parent who needs a break.


  • If you see a musician playing music out in the park -- thank them for their music and leave them a tip. Many in New York have Venmo now!
  • Make a point to carry extra cash with you -- pass it out to those asking for change.
  • Donate to your local food bank.
  • Surprise your mail person/FedEx delivery person with a small gift to let them know how much you appreciate them!
  • Support remote classrooms in your area -- send supplies through a teacher's or a school's wishlist or make a donation via Donor's Choose.
  • Pass out gift cards (for Starbucks, for groceries, for whatever!) to a stranger who looks like they could use a pick me up.
  • Support a local restaurant and order dinner in tonight.
  • Support local performing arts venues -- research their streaming calendars and purchase tickets.
  • Donate books to your local library.
  • Clean out your closet and donate the items you're ready to part with.
  • Tell someone they look beautiful.
  • Surprise someone in your neighborhood with flowers -- just because.
  • Look into virtual volunteering opportunities in your area.
  • Send a letter to a loved one.
  • Drop off holiday cards for your neighbors.
  • Stripe up a conversation with someone new today. You never know who might need to chat.
  • Surprise someone with a parade -- decorate your car, your bike or even yourself, with streamers, balloons, perhaps some music.
  • Let someone into your lane -- and give them a friendly wave.
  • Support a small business -- pick up some holiday gifts or perhaps a gift card.
  • Surprise a family in need with a meal -- order and have it delivered to their house.
  • Help sponsor a family via Family to Family.
  • Send someone a really nice email or DM with unsolicited praise.
  • If you do gather for small parties this season, ask your guests to make a donation to a charity of choice instead of bringing white elephant gifts.
  • Support your local museums and art institutions -- visit them if you can and donate if you're able.
  • Support a local artist -- buy one of their pieces as a gift for someone on your list this year.

Do you have any acts of kindness you'd like to share? I'd love to hear! 


Photos by Allie Provost