friday favorites: the one for joe biden

by Krystal Bick
November 6, 2020

OUTFIT DETAILS: Carolina Herrera dress (borrowed) // Sarah Flint heels (gifted) // Jennifer Behr earrings (gifted, similar style here)

I have two channel moods right now.

Currently switching back and forth between The Queen’s Gambit (watching for the second time) and MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki. How are you guys holding up this week? Any good distractions? Sending you all love and a big hug as we patiently wait for every vote to be counted. Here’s this week’s roundup — as well as my sincere wish that you all get some rest and relaxation this weekend! There’s clearly lots of work to do, regardless of who wins, and it requires us all to dig our heels in deeper.

ONE // How Stacey Abrams is turning the tide in Georgia

At the very least, this woman deserves a standing ovation for the record amount of voter registration she’s driven for the Democratic party. Truly a legend.

TWO // 55%

There’s a lot to be said about the outcomes of this election, but the fact it wasn’t a landslide after the past four years, especially amongst white women, is telling and chilling. Please read her full caption here — it’s a worthy read.

THREE // When you’re getting sea sick, keep your eyes on the horizon

I always love LaTonya’s candor and honesty in her writing and this piece from Election Day is no different.

FOUR // The Real Housewives of QAnon

How conspiracy theorists co-opted #SavetheChildren to lure suburban moms into Q’s labyrinth.

FIVE // Face the bitter truth

We are two countries, and neither of them is going to be conquered or disappear anytime soon.

SIX // Even if Joe Biden wins, he will govern Donald Trump’s America

Once you read the above article, this is also a worthwhile read — because it shows just how much Trump was a mirror for the side of America he was speaking to.

SEVEN // This is ‘I wish a motherf*cker would’ week for Black people

A poignant excerpt that sums it up better than I ever could:

“When a Black person says, “I wish a mother would,” trust me, we mean business. It’s the trouble you don’t want. This is a very fragile time, and we don’t know who are our friends and who are foes. Sadly, the worst of times can reveal the true character of a person. Don’t cross the line. Take heed to some solid, unvarnished advice.”

EIGHT // 3 things making me smile

All members of the Squad have been reelected! // A new kind of celebrity: election analysts. // Blake in this Carolina Herrera gown is giving me life.

Photos by Nora Varcho

4 thoughts on “friday favorites: the one for joe biden

  1. From West Coast of Canada – Wow! I shared ONE as everyone should know about this lady, and can’t share SEVEN (too large) but WOW! I want everyone to read that article. Thank you so much for posting all of these – amazing! I can’t even begin to describe how much more I understand – it is like the proverbial light bulb turned on. We watched and felt sick in 2016 and now in 2020 we are watching and hope to feel much better very soon. If you can get through the 72 days without too much turmoil.

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