a night at the plaza

by Krystal Bick
January 13, 2020

Checking in?

A hotel lobby can be an odd place, can’t it? Folks mill about, reading newspapers, or checking their phones perhaps making sure their flight is still on time. A bellhop glides in, grabbing luggage just as quickly as he arrived, scurrying through a back entrance that rarely gets noticed. And a front desk manager is discreetly arranging dinner reservations for a fabulously disguised couple that only he knows the true identity of. A slew of characters with seemingly no connection to one another, yet here they are. No one knows anyone else’s name and they relish in their anonymity — an excuse to be whoever they want for the next few days in this haven away from home.  Why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it sounds like a fabulous murder mystery party! And the Plaza Hotel? Well I like to think such a New York institution would have some stories to tell, it’s walls having seen fabulous parties and amazing guests over the years.

Sometimes when I walk into places like the Plaza Hotel, I can’t help but imagine what it must feel like to reinvent yourself for just a few days here. A new name, perhaps. A new identity. And a new reason to dress up each evening, leaving everyone on your floor to scratch their head and wonder, “where are those two off to now?”

Today, I’m so excited to share with you these photos that we shot back in April of last year in partnership with my friends at Fairmont Hotels. They’ve recently launched an editorial microsite, Perfectly Packed, where you can browse curated articles all about how to pack with intention for your next trip (easier said than done, of course!). Igee joined me as my leading man and we completely ran with the excuse to play dress up around one of the most iconic hotels in the city. Hope you enjoy this editorial as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Photos by Arnaud Montagard  for Fairmont Hotels

13 thoughts on “a night at the plaza

  1. Oh Krystal! I love, love, love hotel lobbies. The very word means travel which is such a large part of my life. Back in 1997 when Kevin and I set out to San Salvador, El Salvador, little did I know how much of the world I would set out to see.

    I want to share a funny lobby story with you: a few years ago, my mom and dad came to Asia to travel through Thailand with us. They had a wonderful time of course, and through the course of the holiday became very, very relaxed–as one should in Thailand. Well, we’re finally leaving the islands to head to Bangkok. I’m dressed for the upcoming city; then my father enters into the picture. I was like, Dad! What are you wearing!?! We are traveling today!! He was dressed in khaki cargo shorts and a bright orange (the brightest orange!) Billabong tank top. I was like, Dad, we’re traveling today. He says, I’m on island time BabAy!!

    Oh no. What came next taught my usually very classy father an important travel lesson. We entered into the five star, very posh, Shangrila hotel in Bangkok, and he was MORTIFIED! He shrieked back trying to be small at one of the lobby’s tables by a wall. He’s a large man at 6’3″!! There was no hiding him nor his bright orange, look-at-me tank! It was hilarious. And he was so embarrassed. Lesson be learned! Would you like to see the offensive tank? Here it is in a rightful place–our cabin out at Spirit Lake, Idaho! https://www.krembdelakremb.com/orange-billabong-tank/

    I hope you enjoyed my sharing. I love lobbies. I’d love to meet you in one of our posh ones over here in Hong Kong.

    Much love, Annie

    • Annie! You have no idea how much this has made me smile — especially after seeing the aforementioned tank top! Reminds me of the scene in Pretty Woman when she first arrives at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in those vinyl leather boots that make all the staff blush. Obviously, your dad isn’t exactly like Julia Roberts in this scene, but you get the idea! Would love to meet you in HK soon!

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