friday favorites

by Krystal Bick
March 15, 2019

OUTFIT DETAILS: Fame & Partners dress (via Rent the Runway) // Some Days Lovin’ coat (via Rent the Runway) // Nine West heels (gifted) // Sachin & Babi bag (gifted) // Anthropologie pearl barrettes (sold out, but I have my eye on these

Happy Friday! 

Admittedly, it’s been a minute since I’ve shared a Friday Favorites round up. Life has gotten a bit crazy the past few weeks with the move pretty much taking over our lives. Truth be told, it’s still a mess here at our apartment and I’m just now getting the pieces in order to get a custom closet built. Until then, I’m living in piles of clothes, handbags and loner shoes (because I can’t seem to find their mates when getting ready in the morning).

This weekend, we’re doing a HUGE round of organization and cleaning out. My main project includes sorting my current closet into a temporary organization system until the main closet gets built and taking lots of measurements of the room so I’m ready for my appointment with The Container Store on Monday.

Hopefully, we can squeeze in a date night or two somewhere in there as well, since the weather is turning around to be quite spring like right now in New York! Hallelujah!

ONE // Redefine Pretty

I was having a conversation with a close friend the other day who made a seemingly innocent yet harsh comment about someone else’s acne in passing. Now, given how well I know this friend and how much she herself champions the idea of challenging beauty standards (across size, race and gender identification), it hit me pretty hard (even though she wasn’t talking about me) and it made me think how deeply ingrained some idealized versions of beauty really are. She and I talked about it at great length and while she and I both know she didn’t mean anything nefarious by it, it still begged the question of why we assume certain elements of beauty to be the “norm” and others not. As someone who will likely never have “perfect skin,” I’m currently pushing myself to see the beauty in that, too — a notion that I think this video so beautifully captures.

TWO // Grace’s essay about being true to yourself

As always, another great candid and honest read from my good friend, Grace. Lots to relate to in this piece!

THREE // Stephanie’s master closet!

Since I’m on the hunt for all closet inspiration related images, most of my open browser tabs right now have images of  shelves upon shelves of shoes and bags and Stephanie’s closet? It’s giving me all the right inspo vibes!

FOUR // 2020 cheat sheet

Lots of new faces and lots of policies to read up on from all of them. Here’s everyone who’s running so far (Republican and Democrat) for president in 2020.

FIVE // 18 of the best true story movies to watch this year

Bookmarking: Rocketman (about Elton John), A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (about Mr. Rogers) and the as of now untitled movie about Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who resigned in 2016 following allegations of sexual misconduct.

SIX // Plant 101 from Jess

Given that I have a black thumb, I need all the help Jess can give me! This is a great guide if you’re venturing into becoming a green mom soon.

SEVEN // That college admission scandal explained

First read this. Then watch this for a laugh about it.

EIGHT // El Fenn in Marrakech

Getting so excited about my upcoming trip to Marrakech next month! We just booked El Fenn — a stunning artist run boutique hotel — and I’m busy planning out the rest of our stay. If any of you have recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

6 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. You won’t believe this Krystal, but one of those students is from the school where I work! Eeeeek!!

    We’ve all been away on school trips–I was in Thailand cooking with kiddos, so Tuesday back at school should be interesting. While we were away, we all got a text message from the principal to warn us. Eeek is right!!

    Small world, eh?

    Also, Grace’s essay–YES, YES, YES!! Really love her, and you too.

    Hmmmm, I’ll have to figure out a way to grab your attention with a Kremb de la Kremb post one of these days. Yet, I’m ten years older, so my audience may/could/probably is different. I love reading TTT though. That is for sure!!

    Love, Annie from Kremb de la Kremb

    • I forgot to tell you! My husband and I with my sister went to Marrakesh back in 2000. I am sure it is sooooo different now. We spent a whole entire day trying to find a decent place to stay. There was no El Fenn at the time–man, nothing close. You are going to definitely make me want to go revisit. Our time there was meh… it’s like it wasn’t prepared for the tourist quite yet. Not at all. I think in the last 18 years a TON has changed!

      Don’t get me wrong; we did have a wonderful time. It was just really hard to get one’s money worth then. It was if they just weren’t quite ready for us. I know it has changed!

      You’re going to have a blast. I can’t wait to see!!!!

      A x

  2. I love reading these lists! Can I make one tiny suggestion? Can you make the links open up in new pages? Right now I copy and paste them into new pages…otherwise if I click on them it takes me away from your page and I’m not done reading.

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