the diamond of the season: 6 bridgerton-inspired brands

by Krystal Bick
January 25, 2021

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sleeping with Jacques bodysuit (gifted) // Maison Francis Kurkdijian perfume (gifted) 

Dearest Readers,

It’s a hardly kept secret at this point, with the ton set ablaze with decadent rumors, that our beloved cast members of Bridgerton have stolen our hearts, admiration and sartorial sensibilities. If you too, find yourself yearning for Regency-Era decadence to be the diamond of the season like our dearest Daphne, then you’re most certainly in luck today. Yours truly has combed the finest ateliers in all of London (including MadamDelacroix’s shop), Europe and those far off colonies in America, to present to you frocks perfect for the upcoming social season.

Prepare your dance cards, perfect the art of the swoon as you never know when an opportune faint might serve you best and do make haste — the Queen waits for no one.

Yours Truly,

Lady Whistledown

Sleeping with Jacques




Needle & Thread


Photos by me

2 thoughts on “the diamond of the season: 6 bridgerton-inspired brands

  1. What a fun post Krystal!! And I couldn’t help myself: I started Bridgerton all over again this week. I have to see it again! I must. I feel like this second time I will pick up on the little things I might have missed the first time around–like for instance the BEE that hovers over the first episode. (I won’t give away the spoiler for season 2, but it’s easy enough to find online!)

    I am not sure if I could pull off this era’s decadence: I’m so busty. My Girls would be spilling out of all those dresses! I love your curation though. And like I said on Instagram… this self-portrait of you is very Jamie Beck. Bravo!

    Much love,


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